Frequently Asked questions about IP telephony and VoIP features

Freezvon offers everybody to use the services of virtual telephony and get virtual VoIP telephone number in any of almost 120 possible countries. We call your attention to most general questions and answers, to help desk for our clients and every interested person in virtual telephony. Here all questions and answers are collected in this article, just read them and find appropriate details according to your demands. Our company is always open to cooperate with subscribers and give them any help. Don't be afraid of asking!

If you have questions, concerning a virtual number or its functioning, and you do not know for example how to connect a fax number, you have doubts, whether forwarding has been set in right way, you want to know more about our rates and payment systems, you can find all the answers here below. Freezvon is always open to help its customers in solving their problems.

  • How to protect your account?

    There are four ways to protect your account:

    1. A list of allowed IP addresses.
      • Please give us a list of IP addresses allowed to register your SIP accounts.

      *It won't be possible to register your SIP accounts from any other IP address. Each SIP account can have its own allowed IP addresses.

    2. Limiting working hours for your account.
      • If you have a specific work schedule, we recommend sending information about your business hours to our support.

      *Outside of working hours, your incoming and outgoing calls will be restricted. Even if someone hacks your SIP accounts outside your working hours, hackers wouldn't be able to use them. This limit covers your entire account.

    3. Limit the list of countries allowed for outgoing calls.
      • If you can't limit your SIP accounts by IP address, send our support a list of countries you call.

      *Any other countries will become disallowed destinations, and even if someone hacks your SIP accounts, they won't be able to call expensive destinations, popular among fraudsters. All countries allowed by default are listed here. This limit covers your entire account.

    4. Limit for outgoing calls.
      • If you assign a limit for outgoing calls in monetary equivalent, then even if fraudsters hack your account and use it to make calls to allowed destinations, they wouldn't be able to use more than a sum you spend daily.

      *Daily limit assigned by default is 100 USD. If you need to change this limit, please reach out to our support. This limit covers your entire account.

    We recommend using all four ways to protect your account.
  • What is a virtual telephone number?

    This is a full-fledged local, mobile, landline, number for abroad usage, which belongs to a certain country and is owned by a person, so actually it is represented by inbound call forwarding. Usually, all calls are forwarded to a landline, cell phone or SIP. There are such VoIP phone numbers as for calls, fax, SMS, toll free, multichannel, free DID number.
  • How can I attach a virtual number?

    The attachment is done in your personal account. In order to get access to your personal account, you have to register on our website. Just enter your e-mail in the necessary line and soon you will receive confirmation of your registration on our website. If you have any difficulties, contact our technical support for help.
  • Can I pick a number before I buy it?

    If a provider can give us a list of numbers, then you can pick a number. If not, a random number will be connected. If you want to get a phone number, please, write a ticket and then we could send you a list of all possible numbers.
  • May I have a phone number for a trial period?

    No, we do not give virtual numbers for a trial. All services are tested and function well, so there is no need in doubts about their quality. In case you need trial period, write to our technical department.
  • What phone numbers you offer?

    We offer virtual numbers, which belong to more than 120 countries around the globe, multichannel and phone numbers for calls, SMS messages and faxes, and toll free.
  • What do I have to do to buy a virtual number?

    First of all, you have to register on our website, order a necessary service and pay for it. Additionally, you should be aware that some countries require identity documents such as passport or ID-card data or any other personal information.
  • Do I have to buy special equipment to make calls?

    No, you do not have to buy additional equipment. You can use landline or mobile phone, Skype, SIP.
  • How much do virtual numbers cost?

    The price of purchasing and using a particular virtual telephone number depends on the country, which it belongs to. You can learn more about our prices on Pricing page.
  • I have topped up my balance, what should I do now?

    When you have a necessary amount of money on your balance, you can order a phone number in any country you need.
  • How long does it take for the balance to recharge?

    It depends on the chosen payment method. Automatic payments are topped up almost at once. If it is money sending directly to wallet, it can last from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Payments via cards can be received during 3 days. For more detailed piece of information according to the period of recharging for your method, please apply to Freezvon support.
  • How can I pay for chosen services?

    You can pay anyway you like. You can use such payment systems as Yandex Money, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Interkassa etc.
  • How can I top up my balance?

    In order to use all the attached services, you can pay by means of any convenient payment system.
  • How do you know it is exactly me who has sent you money?

    In order to know that it is you who has sent money, please add your email in the payment comment field.
  • I have sent money, when will my balance be topped up?

    Your balance will be topped up within several hours. If your balance has not been topped up immediately, please do not panic. Contact our support expert team.
  • What if I cannot register on the website?

    If your registration fails, just contact our technical support and we will help you to register on our website.
  • What if I have not received my login and password after the registration?

    Some email servers may not receive letters with login and password. Please contact our technical department specialists and we will try to help you.
  • Which countries are involved in the system of virtual numbers?

    Our company provides numbers of more than 120 countries all over the world. The details you can get by contacting our customer service or on our website.
  • How many calls can be received by this number simultaneously?

    Each attached number contains a certain amount of inbound channels, usually it depends on a country, which phone number is attached to. Detailed info about the directions you can get from our support service.
  • What term a virtual telephone number is given for?

    This telephone number will be yours until you decide to cancel this service usage.
  • How much time will it take to activate a virtual number?

    Activation of a connected service is done instantly after you have purchased the facility.
  • What destinations calls can be forwarded to?

    If you use a virtual telephone number, you can forward calls to all necessary destinations. For example, a call can be forwarded to a landline or mobile phone number, SIP, Skype.
  • How many numbers can I set up for forwarding?

    Each virtual number can have 4 directions of call forwarding. The incoming calls can be forwarded to a cell or landline phone, mobile number, SIP, Skype.
  • Can I find out call history on my profile?

    Yes, of course. All information about your calls can be seen on personal account.
  • How many lines can number have?

    Phone number for calls has 1-2 channels by default. If you need more, you should ask about its accessibility our support managers. Toll free number is multichannel one.
  • How to change forwarding of calls?

    You can change the forwarding of calls in personal profile by yourself. Just choose destination type and enter appropriate destination details. As to forwarding to phone, it should be written in international format without (00) or (+) before the number.
  • Can I find out who called at my number and when?

    Yes, you can. To check such kind of information, you have to set up call register in your account, then you will be able to know who called you and when, you will also know call duration.
  • Can I see statistics of money recharging and withdrawing?

    Yes, of course. All this information is available in your personal account.
  • Will your company return unused money on my account in case the contract is cancelled?

    Yes, of course. Each customer has to write a request about money return and after the request is viewed and confirmed, he will get all the unused money back. The costs on service usage and one-time payments will not be returned. See Terms and Conditions.
  • How much time does it take to block the service in case of non-payment?

    If there is a negative balance, call forwarding is deactivated, if you there is no money on the balance, the only thing that will work is forwarding to SIP-devices. In case of non-payment, the number will be turned off in 2 days.
  • What is a multichannel telephone number?

    A multichannel virtual number is a number, which can receive a huge amount of incoming calls. This service gives you a brilliant opportunity not to miss any call.
  • What is virtual PRI number?

    One of the multichannel virtual numbers is represented by PRI number, which has 30 channels, so it means, it can receive 30 incoming calls simultaneously. In case of need, the number of channels can be increased.
  • What is a virtual number for SMS?

    A virtual number for SMS is one of virtual telephone numbers to receive SMS text messages. Where are all the SMS messages forwarded to when they are sent to a virtual number for SMS? If you send text messages to a virtual number for SMS, they are automatically forwarded to e-mail, URL or other phone number. All the directions of SMS forwarding can be set up in your personal account.

  • Please tell me about a virtual number to receive faxes.

    A virtual fax number is one of virtual telephone numbers aimed at receiving faxes. Attachment of such a service will give you a brilliant opportunity to forget about all the fax machines in your office, so it will make your work quicker and it will reduce all the costs on toner, facsimile paper, fax machine servicing and repair.
  • Where are all the faxes sent if they are sent to a virtual fax number?

    If faxes are sent to a virtual fax number, all the messages will be converted into a PDF-format and sent to a given e-mail. You can check all received faxes everywhere, where there is access to the Internet.
  • What to do if I forgot the password to my account?

    Send request from your registration email with the request to inform the data to access to personal account.
  • Can I change my e-mail for fax receipt?

    Yes, you can make it easily in forwarding settings in your personal account.
  • Can I connect a toll free number? What is a toll free number?

    Our company offers services, such as a toll free 800 number, which enables your customers to call you for free. Payment for incoming call will be covered by the receiver.
  • How can I use a voice mail?

    Voice mail or telephone answering machine is created to record and keep voice messages. Each customer gets a personal mailbox, where all the incoming calls will be forwarded to in case the line is busy, nobody answers or phone is switched off. After the signal, the caller can record a voice message, which will be checked by the mailbox owner.
  • Where all the voice messages will be sent to?

    All the messages left in a mailbox are recorded as music files. The received files in other formats, which are attached to the message, are sent to an e-mail, where they are kept. That is why, each user can listen to, delete or forward the message anytime.
  • Can I listen to my voice messages on any computer?

    Yes, voice mail messages will be sent to your e-mail in the audio format. That is why they can be listened to them on any computer, where there is a standard musical player installed.
  • Are there any restrictions about voice mail functions?

    No, there are no restrictions. All the messages, which are left in the mailbox, are sent to e-mail. Moreover, the number of messages and their length are not limited, they depend on the capacity of your e-mail.
  • Can I record my own music as a voicemail greeting?

    Yes, you can. But when you record a music file, you should pay attention to some certain parameters. For example, it is not recommended to set music files with voice, file size must not be more than 2 Mb.
  • What is an IVR menu?

    A voice menu IVR is represented by an interactive informational referential system of previously recorded messages, which enables primary automatic processing of incoming calls.
  • What advantages will I get if I attach an IVR system?

    Usage of IVR system will give you an opportunity to a 24-hour high-quality customer service, it excludes missed calls, so it means that work efficiency of the staff will be increased, costs on equipment purchase, attachment and servicing will be cut and expenses on telephony will be significantly reduced.
  • A virtual IP PBX replaces office ATS completely and represents a ready telephonic system, which enables telephone calls by means of the Internet. It increases a customer service level, improves work capacity of staff, reduces costs on telephony. If you want to have your own telephone station, just contact our workers and they will answer all your questions.
  • Tell me, please, about IP PBX attachment.

    If you want to attach a virtual PBX with our help, you will get a multichannel number with call dealing. Moreover, we organize a voice menu and voice mail, provide tools for calls and call queue management settings, make conference sessions on the Internet.
  • What advantages will I get if I attach a virtual PBX?

    Usage of a virtual IP PBX has plenty of advantages, such as ability to attach a huge amount of lines and to record a telephone number of each worker. Besides, there is no need to buy PBX devices or lay additional communicational lines. The unquestionable advantage of this service is cost reduction on telephone talks and IP-telephony.
  • Can I attach a button in the Internet to make calls?

    Yes, you can do it. You can use a click-to-call service, which gives you an opportunity to make calls by pushing a button or any other active element on the website. This service is an excellent solution for the companies that want to attract new customers by means of using website.
  • How much does the call cost for a caller?

    The call will be free of charge for a caller who calls from the website.
  • What is SIP-trunking for?

    SIP-trunking enables you to use telephony systems and organize several virtual channels. Besides, this service gives you an opportunity to replace traditional fixed telephonic lines by IP-telephony system, increasing reliability of network channels.
  • What advantages does SIP-protocol have?

    SIP technology is a service, which gives you an opportunity to attach telephones with a direct number (usually it is a local number) to the Internet and save money on international calls.
  • What is a VoIP-technology?

    VoIP-technology gives you an opportunity to send your voice by means of the Internet or any other IP-networks, for example, from one computer to the other, from one telephone to another, from one computer to phone, meanwhile using different equipment, such as analogue, digital, mobile or SIP-device.
  • What is call back feature?

    Nowadays, this service is used by many telecommunication companies, which provide IP-telephony. Call back will enable you to make a call, but it will be considered as an incoming for both - you and the receiver. Attachment and activation of this service will be implemented in several minutes.
  • Where can a VoIP-technology be applied?

    A VoIP-technology can be applied for international telephone communication organization and as a method to create an electronic communication company. Management of a corporate network will be on the high-quality level and guarantees network safety.

So now, you know more about IP telephony services and other telephone services we offer. This information will be helpful for you as a subscriber. We collected all possible questions ever asked by our clients, so now you are armed at all points. But if you feel confused, read next info.

In case you haven't found necessary answer, contact to our technical department. Our IP-telephony experts work 24-hours everyday for making your telecommunication flourishing, easy and comfortable.

If you haven’t found necessary question, you can always to address to Freezvon experts. They are waiting for your questions you get all 24 hours. SO do not hesitate and contact us via live chat online site, Skype, email address or ordinary telephone number. Select the most suitable way for getting in touch with us. We are glad to help you and make everything possible in order to make our further cooperation more comfortable. Contact us now!.

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