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Virtual Fax Numbers for receiving fax messages online

Reputable companies used to have fax for sending and receiving offers, letters or even signing agreements. This type of information exchange will never disappear because it is still useful for many people. A VoIP fax number works without any special equipment, and thus does not demand any extra charges and have a possibility to forward faxes to any email online.Virtual numbers for fax can make your life easier if you are always travelling and face a necessity to be in contact all the time.

Virtual number for receiving fax
Virtual FAX number forwarding work

How to receive fax messages via virtual fax number?

This virtual number functions thanks to fax forwarding to email only. This fax message comes as PDF format file. With such service, person can change the living country; open offices of his company in another country or even continent, but create an appearance in the necessary location. It is allowed getting a local number in any country of your choice. As you remember you don't need to buy fax machines for using this number. Try to order such number and notice its pluses.

Benefits of virtual fax phone numbers

  • Working independently from location;
  • No necessity of a fax machine and consumables;
  • Unloading telephone lines;
  • Free forwarding to email;
  • Saving faxes in PDF format on email;
  • Simultaneous accepting of unlimited quantity of faxes;
  • A really big choice of available countries for connection of fax numbers;
  • Low costs for fax numbers.

How much does virtual fax number cost?

All types do not make you sit on one place. Simply travel, change your living place or move to another continent without losing contact with people you need. With virtual fax number you will have an opportunity to accept all messages on your e-mail for FREE. See the prices and costs for these numbers here.

All countries for virtual fax numbers

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Prices and coverage for virtual fax numbers

How to buy and set virtual number for fax?

  • Register your profile on Freezvon;
  • Top up a balance with appropriate amount of money;
  • Select the type, country and destination;
  • Order phone number.

Your number will be activated within 24 hours. We present lots of convenient payment systems as Bitcoin, PayPal, Interkassa, bank transfer and others for making your usage of our products faster and simpler. Questions about financial side of our cooperation you can define from our technical support staff.

While ordering, choose the country, type of number, write destination details and push the button “order”. Having performed these steps you will be able to receive messages from fax to your email without any problems. If you encounter any problems, you should not be afraid to ask questions then our support team will solve all problems and offer you most appropriate decisions. Just try to contact us now!

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Payment methods

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods. LEARN MORE

accepted payment methods to purchase a virtual number

buy virtual number via WebMoney INTERKASSA secure payment for virtual numbers

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