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Purchase virtual voice numbers with call forwarding option

Talking with foreign countries is one of the demands, which appear while conducting business in various countries simultaneously. Managers try to cover more territories and spread their business to more than just one country. A way to keep a contact with clients all over the world is closer than you imagine. Buy virtual voice phone number for making and receiving calls, that is decision. IP-telephony today is not a novelty and a lot of companies make currently use of this technology. More clients, more profits and personal satisfaction – that you will get. Such telephony is based on obtaining a local number in a certain world foreign country and redirecting of all calls to device that you choose.

The virtual number also called VoIP number has specified code (according to the country choice and provider) and works grace to redirection of calls, sms and fax to appropriate course. Any location is not a barrier for this facility because it’s not physical. You can go everywhere and use it as you want. Heavy equipment is not in need as well (SIM-cards, wires etc.). It's possible to order several additional lines, just write about it to our experts. So, let's see what is virtual number and its principles of work on practice.

How virtual call number works?

This number works thanks to call forwarding to needed destination directions (there are such destinations as Skype, SIP, cell phone or landline). It's possible to pick any course and set desired redirection. From this article you could get all details concerning working principles of number call redirecting. You don't need to get SIM-cards or other expensive equipment, because these numbers work without it. Don't be afraid of using this number anywhere it's possible, because this number is not attached to physical places.

How to receive calls?

There is a capacity to get calls with the help of number. For accepting calls special option of redirecting is used. Call forwarding is of several types. By receiving calls can be readdressed to:

  • Mobile or landline;
  • Skype;
  • SIP (software,IP telephone, Asterisk, virtual PBX...).

Virtual numbers for calls
Scheme of virtual Voice number forwarding work

If you look for money-saving way of directing then order a virtual number for redirection to SIP account or Skype. It's free of charge. Remember only that you need good Internet connection. If you do not have access to internet, just get a number for redirection to cell or fixed phone.

How to make cheap calls with SIP-feature from a virtual voice number?

An ability to receive calls due to DID number and make calls in any place you go exist. You should know that there is no need in any special addition equipment or sim-cards for feature of call redirection. To make calls you have to take several steps:

  1. Get a SIP account;
  2. Install SIP app or server on your gadget;
  3. Make calls for cheap rates.

Note! SIP application can be set to your PC, smartphone, and laptop. install free programs as Xlite or Zoiper. Make sure web connection is ok and conversation will not be interrupted. When making calls you can hide or show your Caller ID. In case you need someone to recall make it visible, otherwise – hide it.

Preferable pluses and advantages of IP telecommunication services

It gives a chance to feel all positive sides of communication, weather it is for personal use or business. Pros are:

  • Local number in any state;
  • Worldwide coverage;
  • Trust promotion;
  • Low rates;
  • Free readdressing of received calls to SIP or Skype;
  • Easy in using;
  • High level of connection.

Virtual numbers for calls coverage

The quantity of countries for calls with virtual number is wide and rich. Feel free to look through and encounter country you need for your purposes. All possible variants are listed below.

virtual Angola numbers for calls Angolavirtual Anguilla numbers for calls Anguillavirtual Argentina numbers for calls Argentinavirtual Armenia numbers for calls Armeniavirtual Armenia mobile numbers for calls Armenia mobile
virtual Australia numbers for calls Australiavirtual Austria numbers for calls Austriavirtual Bahamas numbers for calls Bahamasvirtual Barbados numbers for calls Barbadosvirtual Belarus numbers for calls Belarus
virtual Belarus mobile numbers for calls Belarus mobilevirtual Belgium numbers for calls Belgiumvirtual Belize numbers for calls Belizevirtual Benin numbers for calls Beninvirtual Bermuda numbers for calls Bermuda
virtual Bolivia numbers for calls Boliviavirtual Bosnia and Herzegovina numbers for calls Bosnia and Herzegovinavirtual Botswana numbers for calls Botswanavirtual Brazil numbers for calls Brazilvirtual British Virgin Islands numbers for calls British Virgin Islands
virtual Bulgaria numbers for calls Bulgariavirtual Burkina Faso numbers for calls Burkina Fasovirtual Cambodia numbers for calls Cambodiavirtual Canada numbers for calls Canadavirtual Canada mobile numbers for calls Canada mobile
virtual Cayman Islands numbers for calls Cayman Islandsvirtual Chile numbers for calls Chilevirtual China numbers for calls Chinavirtual Colombia numbers for calls Colombiavirtual Congo numbers for calls Congo
virtual Costa Rica numbers for calls Costa Ricavirtual Croatia numbers for calls Croatiavirtual Cyprus numbers for calls Cyprusvirtual Czech Republic numbers for calls Czech Republicvirtual Denmark numbers for calls Denmark
virtual Dominica numbers for calls Dominicavirtual Dominican Republic numbers for calls Dominican Republicvirtual Ecuador numbers for calls Ecuadorvirtual Egypt numbers for calls Egyptvirtual El Salvador numbers for calls El Salvador
virtual Estonia numbers for calls Estoniavirtual Finland numbers for calls Finlandvirtual France numbers for calls Francevirtual Georgia numbers for calls Georgiavirtual Germany numbers for calls Germany
virtual Ghana numbers for calls Ghanavirtual Greece numbers for calls Greecevirtual Grenada numbers for calls Grenadavirtual Guatemala numbers for calls Guatemalavirtual Guinea numbers for calls Guinea
virtual Holy See Vatican City State numbers for calls Holy See Vatican City Statevirtual Hong Kong numbers for calls Hong Kongvirtual Hungary numbers for calls Hungaryvirtual Iceland numbers for calls Icelandvirtual India numbers for calls India
virtual Indonesia numbers for calls Indonesiavirtual Iran numbers for calls Iranvirtual Ireland numbers for calls Irelandvirtual Israel numbers for calls Israelvirtual Italy numbers for calls Italy
virtual Ivory Coast numbers for calls Ivory Coastvirtual Jamaica numbers for calls Jamaicavirtual Japan numbers for calls Japanvirtual Kazakhstan numbers for calls Kazakhstanvirtual Kenya numbers for calls Kenya
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virtual Luxembourg numbers for calls Luxembourgvirtual Macao numbers for calls Macaovirtual Malaysia numbers for calls Malaysiavirtual Malaysia mobile numbers for calls Malaysia mobilevirtual Mali numbers for calls Mali
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virtual Slovak Republic numbers for calls Slovak Republicvirtual Slovenia numbers for calls Sloveniavirtual South Africa numbers for calls South Africavirtual South Korea numbers for calls South Koreavirtual Spain numbers for calls Spain
virtual Sri Lanka numbers for calls Sri Lankavirtual Sweden numbers for calls Swedenvirtual Switzerland numbers for calls Switzerlandvirtual Taiwan numbers for calls Taiwanvirtual Tajikistan numbers for calls Tajikistan
virtual Thailand numbers for calls Thailandvirtual Trinidad and Tobago numbers for calls Trinidad and Tobagovirtual Turkey numbers for calls Turkeyvirtual UAE numbers for calls UAEvirtual Uganda numbers for calls Uganda
virtual Ukraine numbers for calls Ukrainevirtual Ukraine mobile numbers for calls Ukraine mobilevirtual United Kingdom numbers for calls United Kingdomvirtual United Kingdom mobile numbers for calls United Kingdom mobilevirtual USA numbers for calls USA
virtual USA mobile numbers for calls USA mobilevirtual Venezuela numbers for calls Venezuelavirtual Vietnam numbers for calls Vietnamvirtual Zimbabwe numbers for calls Zimbabwe

How much does a virtual number for calls cost?

Call forwarding to SIP or Skype is FREE. To know all rates you have to go to a certain section of pricing on our site. In your personal account while choosing the country you can see the prices here. For low prices, you will not skip important calls. You may set call diverting to a certain device according to time – so that you will be always available to your clients – day and night.

Prices and coverage for virtual numbers

How to buy virtual telephone number?

To get a virtual DDI number you have to make a few steps. The procedure is simple and consumes not too much time.

  • First of all, register to our site;
  • Then, top up balance (All types of payment you can see here);
  • Finally, order a number;
  • Make or receive calls as much as you want.

This number will be workable within 24 hours, so just check your email where you find a letter with notification about service connection.

Buy Virtual Phone Number Online Now

Types of telephone numbers by Freezvon

If you need to buy a direct number, pick appropriate number. The list below gives you the whole range of possible numbers – decide on one you need. We offer numbers for:

  1. Calls and SMS - one number with functions of receiving calls and messages working without depending on each other - calls and sms may be sent to various devices. Making of calls is also possible;
  2. Calls and fax - number for easy work with clients and partners who are interested not only in calling but sending fax (fax are sent to email);
  3. Toll free numbers - number with opportunity for your subscribers to call you free inside a country. Function of such number types enables to accept many calls at once.
  4. Multichannel virtual numbers - with several inbound lines for easy work with flow of calls.
  5. SMS - receiving messages with redirecting to mobile or email address;
  6. Fax - accepting fax texts with redirections to email free - any amount of fax in comfortable PDF format without any delay in their receiving.

Additional telephone services

Got a number? Don’t be shy and meliorate its work with such special telephone services that could make usage more controlled and regularized:

  • Voicemail - sent notification messages about lost calls;
  • IVR menu – introductory menu to the company department;
  • Call history – info about history of your telephone life;
  • Virtual PBX – virtual office with package of phone services;
  • Welcome message – when somebody calls, it salutes;
  • Hold a music – instead of telephone toots music will be played;
  • Conference call – service for conversation of numerous subscribers at the same time;
  • Click to call – instant calls from the website;
  • Call back – function for incoming calls for clients;
  • Conditional call forwarding – depends on time and date;
  • Send and bulk messages – sending of text messages to lots of subscribers;
  • Black and white lists – special lists for modifying of subscribers;
  • Free DID virtual number - put on your balance 30 $, these money will be used for your telephonic communication only;
  • Virtual PBX station - package of telephonic services as call monitoring, free calls, recording calls, free virtual numbers, several SIP accounts etc.

When you have some doubts or you can’t understand several moments regarding voice phone numbers, just contact our technical specialists department. They are accessible all 24-hours for your support. They are waiting for your questions in Skype, live chat, email or by phone. Great opportunities in creating telecommunication more comfortable and successful thanks to Freezvon help and readiness for cooperation. Contact us right now!

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