How to buy Finland virtual local number 

Amazing finding for conversations with Finland with VoIP services called virtual telephone numbers.

Virtual number for calls for Finland

Making communication more relaxed thanks to Freezvon’s services. It’s possible to receive calls, sms, and even fax without any physical attachment. High quality of connection, accessibility and convenience are the priorities of our numbers. VoIP services are ideal choices for business building when you have business partners in Finland. Obtain more details concerning VoIP Finland virtual number by our company. gives an ability to arrange telephonic systems for people in different states. When you want to contact with foreigners you think it’s expensive, so you could believe there is a way. Get SIP account from us and set up redirection of calls from abroad to it. You could also make cheap calls to personal SIP account.

Fairy Finland charms from the first sight. The country of moomins and severe bearded Vikings seduces you, but unfortunately, you won’t talk to them because time has changed. Anyway, your Finnish friends, Mom and Dad, colleagues cannot wait talking to you!

What is Finnish virtual number and its capacities?

This number with code +358 can redirect calls, sms and fax to any course ( IP telephone , Skype, SIP etc.). Use DID Finland number, avoid technical equipment such as SIM-cards, wires and so on. You are able to use this number without being attached physically to appropriate location.

Get virtual phone number in Finland

When you install special virtual office for company, think firstly about IP-telephony system. We prefer offering IP PBX station that entirely replaces old telephone system. You can unite lots of SIP accounts, virtual numbers, records of calls and free virtual number in one collection that will serve you as confident assistant.

Variety of local virtual Finland numbers 

About making clear the situation concerning with sorts of VoIP virtual numbers, you could see some of them now.

They are for:

  1. Calls – redirecting calls to SIP (for getting and making calls with programs as Zoiper , Xlite ), IP telephone, Skype;
  2. SMS – getting sms to email, url;
  3. Fax – redirecting fax to your e-mail. This diversion is also free from paying;
  4. Toll free 800 numbers – calls from subscribers are free, but you pay for that;
  5. Multichannel numbers – a number will be not so overcharged thanks to several telephonic lines.

What advantages in using Finnish virtual numbers?

High quality of product could be proved with these presented points:

What to do for buying virtual Finnish number?

After reading and implementation of these instructions, you could be an owner for Finnish virtual numbers:

  1. Sign up to;
  2. Top up balance;
  3. Then pick “Finland”;
  4. Find the type;
  5. Pick up an area;
  6. Ordering process starts after that.

About number, it’s possible to apply for our support. They are always ready to help 24 hours per day.

How to buy a virtual number in Finland Buy Finnish virtual number

Finnish area codes and costs for virtual numbers

With this information you could get a bit more about virtual Finnish numbers and their coverages:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Helsinki 9 15 20 + - +
Tampere 3 15 20 + - +
Turku 2 15 20 + - +
Virtual PRI 00 0 90 + - -
KESKI-SUOMI 14 15 20 + - +
KUOPIO 17 15 20 + - +
KYMI 5 15 20 + - +
LAPPI 16 15 20 + - +
MIKKELI 15 15 20 + - +
OULU 8 15 20 + - +
POHJOIS-KARJALA 13 15 20 + - +
UUSIMAA 19 15 20 + - +
VAASA 6 15 20 + - +
Toll Free 800 10 40 + - -
National 75 15 20 + - +
Mobile (only for sms)* xx 10 13 - + -