Purchase VoIP virtual number for Skype

Usage of Skype virtual telephone number makes you successful user of DID number

Connect a virtual phone number with SkypeNowadays a virtual number is new generation technology, which gives an opportunity to do cheap calls from any part of world. Besides calls can be redirected to any number sip or ip-telephone. In 2002, guys from Sweden and Denmark created service as global telecommunication system, which costs nothing, but they became rich anyway. After sale of project on eBay in 2006 one of creators saved right to be headmaster, so they didn’t lose a desire to “play this game” called Skype.

With SIP application, it’s possible get free calls from subscribers and call them in return. This is amazing solution when it’s necessary to gain more consumers from foreign states. With such service, they could dial to you at low rates and think your physical location is near.

In addition, from now on our permanent customers get a unique possibility to redirect calls calls to Skype. People start using it more often day by day, as it is an affordable and very convenient program for calls and SMS messages.

What is free redirection of calls to Skype app?

That is VoIP service characterized by buying a local DID number and redirect calls to Skype, it will be free of charge what makes it even more pleasant. You have an incredible possibility get closer to any part of the planet. Download program, create an account and choose Skype readdressing in personal account and cost you nothing. Enjoy this type of diverting everywhere.

Virtual number for skype

Favorable benefits of virtual number for Skype

Before making right decision, try to take under advisement some purposeful info according to product.

Main preferences of redirection of calls to Skype are:

  • Reduction of phone bills;
  • It will help to enlarge company’s income, as you save a significant amount of money on abroad calls;
  • There is an option to set up call distribution among all the workers;
  • Company image will look more trustworthy;
  • It’s free redirection course;
  • It’s possible for subscribers to make cheap calls at local tariffs.

Categories of Skype numbers redirection

We propose several numbers having a possibility to readdress calls to Skype. They are called:

  1. For Calls;
  2. For SMS and calls;
  3. For Calls and Fax;
  4. Toll free 800 numbers (subscribers able to call free, but user pays);
  5. Multichannel numbers (multi lines for better call regulation). Ratings and costs for numbers check out here.

Skype redirecting with VoIP services

Diverting to Skype is easy to set up following the next steps:

  1. Register on website of Freezvon and login your personal account;
  2. Top up balance and buy DID number;
  3. Indicate readdressing to Skype in settings.

This world service is the most practical way to receive foreign calls for free.

Order a virtual phone number on our website and enjoy unlimited possibilities of communication. If you still think it is impossible experience it yourself. Buy a phone number now!

Get virtual number with call forwarding to Skype