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With virtual phone services for Georgia it’s easy to talk with people you really need.

virtual numbers for Georgia

High Georgian mountains don’t interfere to IP telephony waves go to their destinations. We would like to present you telephone services which could open your eyes to another one telephony that differs from traditional one. Let’s check this point out with observing VoIP services. From this article it's possible to become more experienced in questions concerning direct virtual numbers and its pluses. as provider of numbers that are always do your telephony effective and flexible enough. It’s accessible in every country you know (about 90 countries).

Georgians claim that their country is a motherland of vine producing, these traditions started 7000 years ago, now about 500 sorts of vine are presented on world market. Dances and songs of this state are protected by UNESCO. Ancient Greeks called Georgia the country of rising sun, and right there Jason and Argonauts were searching Golden Fleece. The cliff where Prometheus was shackled is situated in Georgia too. This dreamlike country can surprise all the time, because of its manysidedness.

What is Georgian virtual number and its working points?

That is a number with code +995 is able to divert calls, SMS and fax to appropriate destinations. It doesn’t demand for SIM cards or another expensive technical equipment. If you’re going to maintain close relations with people from other states, you need to install SIP service for getting free calls to it. All you need is to get SIP account, make setting of special apps ( Zoiper or Xlite ).

Virtual phone numbers in Georgia

Following strong sides of virtual DID numbers 

Before getting our VoIP services in use, you need to examine their effectiveness for demands:

  • It’s cheap connection and rates will drive you crazy;
  • If you’re going to order it, use online possibility to do that (via Internet);
  • High level of connection everywhere you are;
  • Permanent accessibilities of additional phone services such as send and bulk SMS, hold a music, white and black lists and many others;
  • When need to move from one place to another, number will work, because it doesn’t depend on location stay;
  • NO SIM cards or technical equipment are required.

Georgian virtual numbers and their variants

Choosing sides is always difficult so we created a list that will help you to make a right choice. These numbers are for:

  1. SMS which always go to URL, email or other number;
  2. Calls that are diverted to Skype, IP telephone , SIP etc.;
  3. Calls and SMS phone operations + various diverting;
  4. Fax goes only to email;
  5. Calls and fax telephone actions + redirection to courses explained above;
  6. Multichannel numbers, which provide lots of lines and make number less overloaded;
  7. Toll free 800 numbers that allow to subscribers to call freely to such number.

Ordering process of Freezvon virtual number

Are you tired of long-processed registrations? We know how it deranges customers of all resources of Internet. Our registry system will amaze you a lot.

Just check it out:

  1. Register to website of Freezvon;
  2. Fill balance with needed sum of money;
  3. Then make parameters picked up;
  4. Type of number;
  5. Service ordering is done without complications.

* If you have doubts according to your choice or principles of services work contact Freezvon experts. They are always accessible via online live chat, Skype or email.

Codes of areas and coverages for Georgian virtual numbers

Glance at rates for connection, codes of virtual numbers you’ll utilize after registration on

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
National 706 15 25 + - -
Tbilisi 32 15 25 + - +
Toll Free 800 160 96 + - -

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