Get free SIP account to make outgoing and incoming calls via VoIP

Being confident IP-telephony user you could get free SIP account and forget about telephone barriers.

SIP to make callsTelephone communication is the most complete and comfortable when it is united not only possibility to receive calls or to make calls but both of them. Every person finds chances to use all the advantages connected with communication. The possibility to call subscriber back when the call is unanswered makes the usage of number be the fullest. The company Freezvon helps its clients save money on calling. How is it possible? Everything is very simple.

As international VoIP provider, creates comfortable conditions that ameliorate state of office or home telephony. There is amazing choice called IP PBX station that is explained as telephone collection with such services own IP address, numerous SIP accounts, free calls thanks to internal numbers, voicemenu, etc. Make telephonic life great with new service from

What is SIP account for calling?

Buying a virtual number for calls, divert them to SIP. The greatest advantages of it is that the forwarding to SIP is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for incoming calls but receive high quality of communication. So, it involves on your charges greatly and make them low.

Don’t have a need to buy special equipment or SIM-cards to direct calls to personal SIP. All you need is only SIP application ( Zoiper , Xlite ). Nowadays they are accessible to download from Internet for everybody and you don’t have to pay for application.

There is also possibility to set up SIP application on your computer, laptop or mobile.

Cheap calls with SIP account

Calls are possible for making only with SIP application. Call everybody, even abroad, and don’t worry about huge rates. Our company takes care about our clients and offers them low rates on outgoing calls.

Use virtual number as Caller ID (digits seen by subscribers) and after that you may be always sure with chance to call you back. Thus, no calls will be missed. See rates on outgoing calls here.

Freezvon creates it for its clients absolutely free. So, it saves your money even here.

How to get SIP account?

Creation or setting up of SIP application have very simple steps that take not a lot of time for you and, thus, provides you with possibility to communicate with your clients, relatives, partners, workers as soon as possible.

All Sip information (login, password, host) after its creation will be shown in your profile in the chapter “SIP information”. After creation you may use setting for your SIP application or IP telephone . Enter all setting connected with your SIP application and enjoy cheap communication with everybody. You may find more and download SIP application here.

How to get number with SIP account?

All numbers that our company offers are possible to get online. So, you may get necessary number not leaving your computer, laptop or mobile phone.

Accomplish the next steps:

  1. Register on our site;
  2. Recharge the balance;
  3. Order the number.

Technical experts will create you SIP account in the shortest possible time. All SIP information will be shown in your profile too. After ordering SIP-account will be active. You will be able to communicate without limits.

Get free SIP account and make cheap calls