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IP-telephony shows all possibility connected with virtual telephone numbers and redirection of calls

Get phone numbers in another country Have a lot of business partners, clients abroad and don’t have any possibilities to communicate with them high-quality, quickly, everywhere and everytime? Have some filiations of your company abroad and want to find some chances to connect with your workers for low prices for telephone connection? So, our service is exactly for you! Our company offers you virtual numbers , which give you a chance to realize all these needs.

Virtual numbers give you a possibility to contact with all workers, clients, partners. You think it is impossible? On the contrary. Because our company does our best to realize your wish.

Freezvon as provider creates all possibilities with new offer IP PBX system for making telephonic affair smoother and well-coordinated. It includes some IP services, which assignment in ameliorating of telephony in office or dwelling-house. Here are some of them: own IP-address, SIP-accounts, call statistics, informational voicemenu and others.

What virtual VoIP number meaning?

It’s a number that is not bound to particular physical place of person. So, the person can change his/her position but doesn’t lose a chance to communicate with all your partners easily and cheap. This number also doesn’t need any SIM-cards and equipment. So, you don’t have to think a lot under the problem how and where find necessary equipment to connect the number.

What is VoIP feature and how it works?

As we told earlier, you don’t have to look for special equipment. The process of connection the number is very simple. All you need is only to think what redirecting to choose according to convenience of accepting calls. So, what are they? Accept calls to:

  1. Mobile;
  2. Local phone;
  3. SIP-application ( Zoiper , Xlite );
  4. Skype;
  5. Computer with special software.

It should be mentioned that the readdressing to SIP, Skype is free. That means that you will not pay for calls. Just get Internet. So, you should only think how to readdress your calls.

connect number and how it works

For instance, the number for calls for USA it’s possible to accept calls to phone. So, during ordering you point that the type of forwarding is “phone”. As to the calls, they are possible to make with the help of SIP application. You can find more here.

How to get virtual numbers?

Our company offers our clients the simplest steps how to get virtual number:

  • Firstly registration on our site.
  • Then recharging the balance on sum of setup fee and monthly fee.
  • Order it via profile.

During 24 hours you will be able to communicate without restrictions.

Numbers categories we offer?

There are such numbers that are accessible to get. They are for:

  1. Calls;
  2. SMS;
  3. Calls and SMS;
  4. Fax;
  5. Calls and fax;
  6. Toll free 800;
  7. Multichannel.

Countries have different variations of achievable numbers. You can find country with your type here.

What are facilities for numbers?

Except the virtual numbers themselves, we also provide services. Make communication to be more comfortable. They are:

  • Greeting - reproduction of earlier recorded audio file that person hears while calling;
  • Routing the calls (call distribution) - the scheme of redirecting the inbound calls;
  • IVR menu - messages that clients hear after dialing;
  • Installation of background music - installation of music that person hears during waiting the answer the call;
  • Record of incoming and outgoing calls - recording all calls for further monitoring ;
  • Call history - history of all calls and messages: date, duration, rates;
  • Voicemail - leaving voice message that goes to your mail;
  • Blacklist - possiblity to make groups of clients;
  • Click to call - the call from web-site;
  • Callback - provides possibility to make phone calls be incoming for both subscribers;
  • Conference call - the possibility to talk with the several subscribers at once.

Our company does our best to connect you with your clients and partners. Order number now and enjoy good quality of connection!

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