Google search, activities and cooperation with Twitter

Popular searching system with its foundation past and cooperative relations.

Google and twitterGoogle is considered to be the most famous American international corporation, which deals with diverse telephone features extreme development under the brand of “Google”. First of all, company is developing internet-search sphere, electronic mail, context advertisement and others. For today Google search service is unique leader at the web-market. From this article you will know more concerning cooperating of two big worldwide companies. 

It was registered in 1998 by students Larry Page and Sergey Brin but it started to develop as an investigative special project already in 1996. In 1999 Brin and Page decided to sell company to the head of Excite George Bell for 1 million of dollars as the work on the project was spoiling their education process. Bell denied their special offer and in several months, they found investors and got the first financial payment in the sum of 25 million dollars.

Headquarter of Google board of directors in currently situated in Mountain-View (California); employees work and live in a separate campus with a total area of 17 ha. For today there are more than 28 thousand people working in this company. Officially company’s offices are situated practically in every part of world. It’s well-known that most users of this searching system prefer to utilize virtual numbers from Freezvon.

Popular Google features 

From the moment of company’s foundation it is constantly developing and it helps to create services, which are not connected with original Google goals. For today the most requested are such Google services:

  • Search service;
  • Mail service Gmail;
  • Social network Google+;
  • Cloud storage – Google drive;
  • Online translators;
  • Services for work with documents, tabs and presentations Google docs;
  • Google calendar;
  • DMOZ websites catalogue;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Context advertisement with Google Adsense and Google Adwords;
  • Google maps;
  • YouTube and others.

Nevertheless, some services are not created in the way developers want and are closing with time, Google is still a world leader in web sphere. For the period of its existence company has received a great deal of awards among which “People voice”, “Best search service in Internet” and “Best search engine” are.

Cooperation with Twitter

Google and Twitter – common news service foundation

The fact of this very cooperation can witness possible intends of Google to purchase social network. Google Corporation and social network Twitter are working on common news service Instant Articles foundation.

As it is informed, with the help of this service publishers will have an opportunity to show their materials on mobile appliances, which use the services of both Internet-companies. It is already known that this autumn small publishers group will test this resource carefully. Apart from this, Instant Articles service is to some extend an answer to analogue resources of Facebook, Apple and Snapchat, which are to be soon released.

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The main differences of the project lie in the fact that Google and Twitter are creating their publishing tool as a project with original code, that is why Google and Twitter hope to persuade some technological companies to confirm it. The fact of Google and Twitter cooperation can show intend of Google to buy this social network in soon feature.