Greeting message as a corporate image feature

In the modern era of information technologies web-site, e-mail, telephone are the most frequent and useful means of connections with customers and partners. Moreover, companies usually invest enormous funds in these tools in order to increase trust of clients. On the other hand, often beginners do not pay attention the issue at all.

Most orders and deals are conducted via a telephone. How not to lose your customer during his first call, especially when all the lines are engaged? Simply order a greeting message to hold the clients, create a good company image and deliver important information to the callers.  

 What kind of greeting message do you need?

First of all, you should understand what information you have to deliver, but it has meet two basic requirements: be capacious and laconic. Make a marketing research to determine your target auditory, answer on the following questions:

  • What age category does prevail among current and potential clients?
  • What is proportion between men and women?
  • What questions are the most frequent?
  • What services are in demand most of all?

Put yourself on the client’s place, what would you like to hear? The phrase does not have to exceed three sentences, and of course, your company’s name has to be mentioned.

How can IVR menu help in managing incoming calls?

Important additional option, which definitely increase convenience and efficiency of corporate multichannel number usage, is IVR menu. The tools assists to solve several tasks:

  • Decrease of operators load.
  • Opportunity for your customer to switch between departments on their own.
  • Shortening of expectation time.

The tool allows to interact with callers without a call-centre.  The client can choose an information he/she wants to find out and listen to a recorded answer without need to divert an operator.

Setting a blacklist/whitelist – prioritizing

Making a blacklist of contacts allows to avoid unnecessary incoming calls and let your clients to contact your company instead. In order to rid your staff of spam annoying salesmen the function allows to block such undesirable calls.

At the same time a whitelist allows to choose which of two ingoing calls is more valuable. For example, a big corporate client is more important than a small one, so all the clients can be rearranged in groups with certain levels of priority.

Elaborate greeting message as a key to success

Convincing message can provide a corporate image improvement, trust to your company and sales growth, of course. Order a greeting message service with additional options to stand out from competitors in order to hold your clients and provide professional call centre service.

Modern marketing approach with the latest IP- and VoIP technologies is a demand of any market to sell products and receive buyers’ feedback. Complex approach to telephony is offered by many firms – choose the right partner for your biz.