How to purchase Guatemalan virtual phone number

Virtual phone number for Guatemala makes telephonic affairs more productive and efficient.

Virtual number for calls for Guatemala

In this article dedicated to virtual services, we would like to present you Guatemala virtual phone number, which has various functions more effective than ordinary numbers have. You will get full information about how it works and how to use it for calls, SMS and fax operations. Well, if you’re ready to travel with us to IP telephony world, let’s go! except for virtual numbers can provide you service for making cheap calls to abroad, which is called SIP app. You get SIP account from us, choose device for it, then download program and set it to your device, and your next action is calling or receiving calls from anybody. This service is money-saving and don’t pick out you time. Get it and be sure in that!

Concerning this country, you could see that Guatemala has original and rich culture. Its name derives from the word “Guhatezmalh” that means “The mountain damaged by water”, describing Antiqua mountains. Maya civilization is less discovered, but it’s known that this nation was well-rounded, all its sciences were written in language of pre-Columbian era. Artifacts of this ancient civilization are saved in Guatemala (Maya’s gold, settlements, writings etc.). Virtual numbers for this state are not so old, that’s why facts about them you will find out easier.

Guatemala Virtual number and meaning of its work

Such number has an advantage. It can readdress your calls, SMS and Fax to course you can select on your own.

Such destinations are in access:

  • URL, email, alternate phone for getting SMS;
  • IP-telephone, SIP, Skype, other phone for receiving calls;
  • Email for receiving Faxes.

This number will save you from using expensive appliances and SIM-cards. You won’t be bound to physical location. Moreover, you would be able to use telephone services with local Guatemalan rates, what is amazing opportunity.

Get Guatemalan virtual number

Various types for Guatemalan virtual numbers

If you have some affairs in Guatemala, it’s not obligatory to go there, you could just get its number and it would be the same as you are in that country. We offer you such numbers for:

  1. SMS;
  2. Calls;
  3. Fax;
  4. Fax and Calls;
  5. SMS and Calls.

These numbers are predominating for business or when you just need to ameliorate your communication and don’t miss calls:

  1. Toll free 800 numbers (free calls made by your clients or ordinary subscribers);
  2. Multichannel numbers.

Advantages of virtual numbers for Guatemala

When you buy any product, you try to realize its effectiveness or utility, so here you could get information about our services and their benefits:

  • You are able to order it online using our site;
  • Calling is possible with local rates (what is cheaper);
  • Cheap prices for connections are guaranteed;
  • Additional services for your number are like: call recording , welcome message, hold a music, click to call , send and bulk messages and others;
  • You don’t need to use SIM cards;
  • Numbers don’t get attached to any of places.

Possibility to buy virtual number for Guatemala represent to you its ordinary system of ordering after what you could be a user of our service:

  1. Register your data to our system (;
  2. Make your balance filled with money;
  3. “Guatemala” choice;
  4. Needed number type to pick;
  5. Ordering procedure starts!

All doubts are over because our expert team will clarify all points connected with services we propose. Write to them online thanks to Skype, live chat or e-mail.

How to buy a virtual number in Guatemala Buy Guatemalan virtual number for Guatemala

Created list of area codes and rates for Guatemalan virtual number

There are some info that could help you to select what area for your number you really want to choose:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Guatemala City 2 15 25 + - -