Get VoIP virtual telephone number for Hong Kong

Special virtual phone number for Hong Kong makes you closer to local inhabitants.

Virtual number for calls in Hong Kong

IP telephony prepared a fertile ground for you in this case. Having business trip or meeting Hongkongese fellows you should choose more favorable method of communicating, because such things as roaming or expensive telephone equipment could spoil your journey. VoIP telephone services are open page for you, just let’s confirm this argument. gives incredible possibility to make calls using virtual number . For this send a request about having SIP account and setup redirection of calls to it and making calls as well (before utilization install Zoiper or Xlite ).

The name of Hong Kong in English means “Fragrant harbor”, what gives this state a romantic colour. People living there create unbelievably captivating entertainment, which you can face only in Hong Kong. For example, there is grandiose holiday called Festival of cookies, Hongkongers celebrate it in honor of hungry ghosts to make them well-disposed to the living world. That’s great to care about holy spirits, but when you come to this country, you will talk to alive people anyway. It’s high time to think about communication stuff!

Hongkongese virtual telephone number and its work

That is a number has unique code +852. It works grace to direction of calls, sms and fax messages to appropriate course or electronic devices (PC, laptop, tablet etc.). You don’t need to care about buying of sim-cards or heavy technical equipment, because such number works without them. You won’t be bound to any place in Hong Kong, so you use it and go everywhere you need.

Get virtual phone number in Hong Kong

For cheaper calling, you may install SIP app such as Zoiper or Xlite and readdress calls to it. Such privilege as virtual PBX is also popular for using as controlling system for internal and external telephony of any company.

The pricing info is HERE.

Division of Hong Kong numbers from Freezvon

Here you can learn more about types of virtual telephone numbers, which are offered by

They are for:

  1. Calls which can be fixed or cell phone and could redirect calls to chosen course you need (SIP, Skype, another alternative telephone);
  2. Calls and SMS/ Fax and Calls;
  3. SMS which is responsible for rerouting of SmS to such destinations as e-mail, SIP, server or another telephone;
  4. Fax that sends fax messages in PDF to e-mail;

For expanding business affairs it’s more convenient to analyze these types of Hongkongese VoIP telephone numbers:

  1. Multichannel telephone numbers which have many additional lines for your number;
  2. Toll free 800 numbers are always free for people calling. As a user you pay for these numbers.

Priorities of usage virtual number in Hong Kong

See what you’ll get being a user of such kind of number:

  • You could make cheap calls to foreign state and send sms abroad;
  • A number can be ordered online;
  • You can add another telephone service to number such as IVR menu, click to call , hold a music, conditional call recording , white and black lists more you can see here;
  • Your clients will trust you more than ever;
  • Your company affairs will grow high.

Buy Hong Kong DID virtual telephone number

In order to use such number, you should order it before:

  1. Register on our site;
  2. Top up the balance;
  3. Choose “Hong Kong”;
  4. Pick up a type of number;
  5. Purchasing has begun!

Einstein said that’s essential not to stop asking, because when you have curiosity you’re alive. Concerning unclear stuff in IP telephony, our experts can give you more answers about that.

How to buy a virtual number in Hong Kong Buy Hong Kong virtual number

Area city codes and tariffs for Hong Kong

Think about area code before and then get the wished number:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Toll free 800 20 60 + - -
National 3 15 25 + - +
Mobile (only for sms) xx 20 40 - + -