Principles of mobile telephony operators work

This article is devoted to workability of mobile telephony operators 

Mobile phones have appeared not a long time ago but for a very short period of time they have captivates all people and have become irreplaceable part of their lives. In huge countries, for example, an overwhelming majority of people much or less use services of mobile telephony operators. The most interesting is that technologies if mobile telecommunications are constantly developing with fast pace. It is not being noted that this development is performed according to several directions at the same time. 

On the one hand a number of new services, which are offered by operators, is growing. On the other hand functional possibilities of mobile telephones are also permanently increasing.  The third direction – reduction of telephones size has already reached a certain border and is currently no more determinative. So let's figure out what is main work of mobile operators.

 How mobile telephony operates?

Albeit the diversity of existing standards of mobile telephony operators and a great number of peculiarities of their realization, the algorithms of these systems’ work are similar in many aspects.

Theoretically divide the territory simultaneously on the equal according to form areas without covering and spaces is possible with the help of three right geometrical figures: triangle, square and hexagon. In the first case basic stations are to be situated on locality arranging chess-board fashion, in the second case – square-bunch manner. But the most economic and effective covering can be reached with the help of hexagon. The reason here is simple – hexagon can ideally grab the territory of working basic station zone which is installed in the center of mesh and has aerial with pie diagram directions.

In those places where simultaneous serving of a great number of subscribers is needed, cells splitting method is used – that means a creation of zones of smaller territories. In this case original hexagon is divided on seven hexagons of smaller size (Pico cells). However the whole structure is not spoiled here. It is necessary to mention that geometrically right form of working zones is not always reachable in practice. Remoteness of radio waves sharing is dependent on the ground elevation profile: hills, coombs, mountains, high buildings and so on. They disfigure the form of working zones and force to situate basic stations not in geometrical order.

Technical aspects of mobile telephony operators

Now let us consider more about technical sides of all these. Mobile telephony operators work due to definite principles – their absence causes difficulties in work of coverage zones and others. So the main elements od mobile telephony are:

  • subscriber equipment (mobile radio telephones);
  • base station communication networks situated on the served location;
  • switching center.

Every base station is multichannel transmitter-receiver which is serving subscribers within one single cell. All base stations are connected with switching board through the special lines.

Switching board provides operation over the network and fundamentally is a specialized automated telephone station. It saves in its memory the information about all subscribers of the mobile network, is responsible for control of subscriber access rights.

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