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Being an enterprising businessman, you need to know the hints about creating representative office

executive office with Freezvon

In case you are an entrepreneur or a small to medium-size business, searching to expand your presence abroad and bringing your sales to the next level, you probably will consider opening an executive office somewhere in one of the popular global destinations for doing business. So, for the bigger companies operating in several countries already, opening one more representation will probably mean expenditure, in terms of finance and effort.

We are offering to review an option of establishing virtual VoIP-based office as an alternative to the legal entity and physical body representation in any country! From this article you are going to obtain information how to create your representative office using virtual technologies from our corporation.

Establish executive office with Freezvon

While being located in a certain state of business affairs origin, a company may settle a whole virtual office based on VoIP technologies and modern cloud solutions. The CRM base, office PBX and call-center may be easily integrated into the offered option.

virtual office VoIP technologies

Taking your operations and production lines to another continent may result rather costly and hardly possible for small corporations and sole business person. Getting all the legal permits and moving your personnel or yourself as a business rep will also require a lot of investment. While setting a cloud-based office using VoIP is a new trend nowadays.

Virtual number as a helpful solution in business

Choose a facility for calls of the target area, selecting the place for your new office and start running office there right from the place you are! Providing a purchased local number to your potential customers in the selected region, communicate internationally with no need to travel.

There is a possibility to set up a national or toll-free number for calls, which makes it very accessible for clients to reach you anytime. With the help of additional services offered to the main contact number, there are a variety of functions enhancing the number’s operation and use. Prices for numbers and other services you could find here.

Get virtual office as PBX station

When speaking about the virtual office creation, a PBX is one of the main features used nowadays to create a full-fledged office. Processing a flow of incoming calls is one of the most important responsibilities, which is a part of the company's interaction with the potential buyers. Therefore, it is extremely essential to ensure its quality and efficiency.

With a virtual PBX none of the incoming call is going to be missed, neither remains unanswered. It will immediately cover the need of proper calls handling, operational redeployment performance management, statistics gathering, etc. These IP-telephony services contribute to the efficiency of the company, contribute to the realization of business objectives, and meet all needs of corporate clients. See how much does an installation of PBX system cost here.

Advantages of services we offer for office

The main condition of this function is accessibility of appliance with Internet access possibility. All calls and messages can be received via mobile or computer via Skype and SIP.

In order to start calling abroad cheaper, you first need to install the special free software ( Zoiper , Xlite ), get SIP account from, then you need to setup a destination of calls to SIP, which will be for free.

Take an advantage of the IP-telephonic connection, requiring no extra expenses and special equipment.

Get VoIP number for your office