How to get virtual phone number in foreign country?

Communicating at local rates with abroad is easier thanks to virtual phone number.

Buy number in onther countriesEveryday communication can be simply conducted by way called “face-to-face”. Household questions can be discussed within one building and there is no need in special equipment in order to do it. Speaking about intercommunication on a distance – here question of possible ways arises. With the help of cell phones it is currently not a problem to say “Hello” to your friend who is somewhere in another country. Modern technologies are developing every day, even every hour. We can do nothing with this but use and get benefit. Virtual number is up to date one of the ways to simplify life by making connection more secure and of better quality. Today it is possible.

Create own virtual office is possible with new function from Freezvon called IP PBX station, which embraces full packet of VoIP services improving telecommunication not only with external subscribers, but with colleagues within. There are own IP address, SIP accounts, free calling with internal numbers, call monitoring, recording of calls and others.

Having relatives, friend, consumers or business partners in another state makes close communication almost impossible. However, IP telephony can do impossible things, moreover, it performs it on the highest level. provides an opportunity to get a number in foreign country or even continent for low rates.

What is virtual phone number?

Word, which perfectly describes virtual telephony is quality. This technology is today widespread and used by business people in their everyday life. VoIP telephony is a way to stay in contact with the help of virtual numbers that we offer. Processing of calls is for a moment simplified and put on certain order due to virtual telephone numbers. It will help you to get a phone number in foreign country, which you need.

Virtual numbers

We propose several types of them which are for:

  1. Calls – redirecting to SIP, Skype, IP-telephone, another number;
  2. SMS – readdressing to email, website or mobile;
  3. Calls and SMS – virtual number both for calls and SMS;
  4. Fax – receiving of fax messages to email address;
  5. Calls and Fax – number for both calls and fax messages;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers – free calls for people who make calls;
  7. Multichannel numbers – additional lines to your virtual number are available.

Do not be afraid to order and enjoy talking! Costs and coverage for virtual numbers here.

How virtual number functions?

Get a phone number in foreign country and communicate is possible with the help of redirection. Redirection of calls can be to another mobile or traditional landline number – for low prices. To make calls, client should ask for SIP account from our company, do several settings and then make outgoing calls. In case of SMS forwarding, it can be arranged to email address or URL for FREE and to mobile phone for certain price.

Faxes can be redirected only to your email address and such type of forwarding is FREE of charge. With the help of toll free numbers, make it possible for people to make calls and not pay for it. Having multichannel virtual number you can apply for numerous additional lines for communication. This function helps not to skip important calls and be available.

Additional services to virtual numbers

IP telephony from offers also a lot of additional services, which can help to improve communication. Among all these services, you can pick over more suitable for you:

  • Click to call – function that helps to make fast calls thanks to pushing the button on website;
  • Conditional call forwarding – option depended on time and date frames;
  • Cheap SIP/VoIP calls – an ability to make extremely cheap calls abroad;
  • Conference call – a conversation for several subscribers (especially good for companies);
  • Blacklist and whitelist – lists for division of subscribers into favorable and non-favorable;
  • Conditional call forwarding – calls redirection depending on time and date;
  • Voicemail – messages informing about missed calls;
  • Call back – a command option helping to make calls in return;
  • Call history – saved piece of information about incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Background music – an option changing unpleasant toots into marvelous tunes;
  • Send and bulk messages – fast possibility to inform subscribers about recent new information;
  • IVR menu – menu, guiding subscribers to needed step or directly to the operator.

Wishing to get one of these services? Information about additional features and how to order them is here.

How to buy phone number in foreign country?

Elementary process of ordering VoIP virtual telephone number can offer you:

  1. Set up your profile on the site;
  2. Put money to the balance;
  3. Select the country you wish;
  4. Pick out the type of number.
  5. Order it!

Buy virtual phone number in foreign country

Never leave unclear points in your head. Tell our support team what are you interested in and they will find a personal solution.