How to buy a VoIP virtual number for the country you need?

This article will be useful and handy for those, who want to know about number buying process

DID numbers offers you amazingly enormous range of virtual numbers for over in 90 foreign countries. It’s also possible to install such service as SIP call, which permits to call cheaper abroad. Many other additional services are in open access for personal or business demanding. Virtual telephony proves that for improving social relationships we should put an accent on connection maintaining. As you see, we have big amount of VoIP services, so from this article you will get info how to obtain any of them easily.

In order to buy any of telephone product from our company, you need to check several available payment methods. We have as online systems of payment as services which require your physical interference. See here the full list and conditions of usage these paying methods.

What is a VoIP Virtual Number and how it works?

That is (also called as DID), DDI (Direct Dial-in) or VoIP (Voice over IP) a number for any country that works exactly alike to a real number without any special equipment or sim-cards and with calls, sms and fax forwarding feature to the direction you want such as:

Call-forwarding is possible to:

  • SIP (service for outgoing cheap VoIP calls);
  • Skype;
  • Another number (mobile or landline in any country).

SMS can be forwarded to:

  • E-mail;
  • Another existing mobile number;
  • URL (website).

Fax is forwarded to e-mail only.

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A number may be local or international, multichannel or dual-channel, mobile or landline depending on a chosen country and city. This feature helps you to create a physical presence in other country. Buying our phone service (DID number), all calls, SMS or Faxes we be forwarded to the destination you set anywhere you are situated.

how to get a virtual phone number online

No additional special equipment is needed. To save your money you can get SIP call application and install special programs (e.g. Zoiper , X-lite ) and make cheap calls internationally. All you need is a good Internet connection for primarily selected device, where the application is installed. Forwarding of calls may be set for an unlimited number of devices for your convenience, depending on individual or work schedule.

We offer different types of virtual numbers like:

number for calls

Numbers for cheap VoIP calls

local/cell numbers that look exactly like a real and have a possibility of setting calls forwarding to your real alternate number, SIP or Skype. Calls redirected to these directions is free. Numbers may be also used for making outgoing calls.

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sms numbers

Numbers for sms forwarding

local/mobile numbers with possibility of receiving sms text messages on mobile, email address or URL. Redirecting of messages to email and URL is free. Sending sms is also available. All is done through personal profile in chapter "Send sms".

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Toll Free numbers

Toll free 800 numbers in different countries

local multichannel numbers for free calls for subscribers. Toll free is a multichannel number. Thus, your subscriber may reach company not forcing to wait while you talk with somebody else. You pay for calls received from your callers and keep all them within the company.

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fax numbers

Virtual fax numbers

numbers for receiving fax messages free to email and opportunity to unload your telephone line. Clients and partners may always send you fax and you may get it immediately in PDF format.

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numbers for calls and sms

Numbers for calls and sms

united telephone numbers with giving a chance of receiving calls and sms to any of comfortable for you destination from a list of available. Sending sms and making calls are also available with this kind of features.

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numbers for calls and fax

Numbers for calls and fax

phone numbers with 2 options: receiving fax and calls separately from each other and without any problems of telephone loading. This number helps you to set connect by phone or fax without depending to your real location.

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multichannel number

Multichannel phone numbers

numbers with several subscribers for simultaneous receiving of calls. This is a local number with several lines that may suit for business needs and also personal as well. Avoid appearing of missed calls using that kind of number. You may increase level of your affairs and the quantity of your callers.

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free virtual number

Free virtual number

Everyone may get a chance to get a free virtual DID number according to special offer. The conditions of getting such number are very simple. Every client of may recharge its balance on at least 30$/month and receive a number in country where it's possible.


Available countries for virtual telephone numbers

Virtual numbers for various countries are suitable to users of our service. We try to increase possibilities to our clients and do our best to satisfy all wishes. Rates for virtual numbers from are affordable to all customers as we try to save clients’ money to the maximum.

Here you may find out all currently available countries for numbers connection:

virtual Angola numbers Angola virtual Argentina numbers Argentina virtual Armenia numbers Armenia virtual Armenia mobile numbers Armenia mobile virtual Australia numbers Australia
virtual Austria numbers Austria virtual Austria mobile numbers Austria mobile virtual Bahamas numbers Bahamas virtual Bahrain numbers Bahrain virtual Barbados numbers Barbados
virtual Belarus numbers Belarus virtual Belarus mobile numbers Belarus mobile virtual Belgium numbers Belgium virtual Belize numbers Belize virtual Benin numbers Benin
virtual Bermuda numbers Bermuda virtual Bolivia numbers Bolivia virtual Bosnia and Herzegovina numbers Bosnia and Herzegovina virtual Botswana numbers Botswana virtual Brazil numbers Brazil
virtual British Virgin Islands numbers British Virgin Islands virtual Bulgaria numbers Bulgaria virtual Cambodia numbers Cambodia virtual Canada numbers Canada virtual Canada mobile numbers Canada mobile
virtual Cayman Islands numbers Cayman Islands virtual Chile numbers Chile virtual Colombia numbers Colombia virtual Congo numbers Congo virtual Costa Rica numbers Costa Rica
virtual Croatia numbers Croatia virtual Cyprus numbers Cyprus virtual Czech Republic numbers Czech Republic virtual Denmark numbers Denmark virtual Dominican Republic numbers Dominican Republic
virtual Ecuador numbers Ecuador virtual El Salvador numbers El Salvador virtual Estonia numbers Estonia virtual Finland numbers Finland virtual France numbers France
virtual Georgia numbers Georgia virtual Germany numbers Germany virtual Ghana numbers Ghana virtual Gibraltar numbers Gibraltar virtual Greece numbers Greece
virtual Grenada numbers Grenada virtual Guatemala numbers Guatemala virtual Guinea numbers Guinea virtual Holy See Vatican City State numbers Holy See Vatican City State virtual Honduras numbers Honduras
virtual Hong Kong numbers Hong Kong virtual Hungary numbers Hungary virtual Iceland numbers Iceland virtual India numbers India virtual Indonesia numbers Indonesia
virtual Iran numbers Iran virtual Ireland numbers Ireland virtual Israel numbers Israel virtual Italy numbers Italy virtual Jamaica numbers Jamaica
virtual Japan numbers Japan virtual Kazakhstan numbers Kazakhstan virtual Kenya numbers Kenya virtual Kuwait numbers Kuwait virtual Kyrgyzstan numbers Kyrgyzstan
virtual Latvia numbers Latvia virtual Lithuania numbers Lithuania virtual Luxembourg numbers Luxembourg virtual Malaysia numbers Malaysia virtual Malaysia mobile numbers Malaysia mobile
virtual Malta numbers Malta virtual Mauritius numbers Mauritius virtual Mexico numbers Mexico virtual Moldavia numbers Moldavia virtual Montserrat numbers Montserrat
virtual Netherlands numbers Netherlands virtual New Zealand numbers New Zealand virtual Nigeria numbers Nigeria virtual Norway numbers Norway virtual Panama numbers Panama
virtual Peru numbers Peru virtual Philippines numbers Philippines virtual Philippines mobile numbers Philippines mobile virtual Poland numbers Poland virtual Portugal numbers Portugal
virtual Puerto Rico numbers Puerto Rico virtual Romania numbers Romania virtual Russia numbers Russia virtual Russia mobile numbers Russia mobile virtual Saudi-Arabia numbers Saudi-Arabia
virtual Serbia numbers Serbia virtual Singapore numbers Singapore virtual Slovak Republic numbers Slovak Republic virtual Slovenia numbers Slovenia virtual South Africa numbers South Africa
virtual South Korea numbers South Korea virtual Spain numbers Spain virtual Sri Lanka numbers Sri Lanka virtual Sweden numbers Sweden virtual Switzerland numbers Switzerland
virtual Tajikistan numbers Tajikistan virtual Thailand numbers Thailand virtual Trinidad and Tobago numbers Trinidad and Tobago virtual Turkey numbers Turkey virtual Ukraine numbers Ukraine
virtual Ukraine mobile numbers Ukraine mobile virtual United Kingdom numbers United Kingdom virtual United Kingdom mobile numbers United Kingdom mobile virtual USA numbers USA virtual USA mobile numbers USA mobile
virtual Venezuela numbers Venezuela virtual Vietnam numbers Vietnam virtual Zimbabwe numbers Zimbabwe

 All our countries, cities, area codes and the cost which you will have to pay for chosen virtual number,   If you don't find necessary country, just contact us and we will try to help you.

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Additional telephone services for your number

We also have a list of additional phone services in addition to a virtual number such as:

  • Voice-mail – leaving a voice message by your callers when a DID number is busy;
  • Conditional call-forwarding - forward your calls to different devices according to time and date;
  • Greeting (welcome) message – welcome voice message that is played at once after dialing the number;
  • IVR-menu – voice menu directing your subscribers to special company department;
  • Call-recording – incoming and outgoing calls recording for further monitoring process;
  • Hold-music – nice and pleasant music instead of boring dialing toots;
  • Call-history – the statistics of all calls with detailed information for better monitoring;
  • Click-to-call – a call for the web-site – reaching to your office directly from the site;
  • Call-back – a returned call from the web-side – save your clients money;
  • Black list and white list – possibility of creating lists for beneficial or undesired callers;
  • Conference-call – communication with several subscribers for saving your time;
  • Sending sms – outgoing messages at low prices directly from personal profile;
  • Cheap SIP/VoIP calls – making cheap SIP calls to any part of the world.

Virtual IP PBX is an excellent substitution to traditional automatic telephone station that presents a package of several telephone services with unlimited SIP accounts, free virtual number and other additional services as voice mail, IVR menu etc.

* You may always contact us, if you have some special requirements to wished phone service, and we will try to set it exactly to your needs.

How to buy a number: simple steps of buying a virtual number

buy virtual numbers

If you decided which type of virtual number you need so you are free to apply for it. Purchasing the virtual number is easy and fast process. Everything you need is to follow the next instructions below:

  1. Register on our web-site and get an access to personal profile;
  2. Recharge your balance;
  3. Order a number via personal profile;
  4. Get a number and enjoy communication;
  5. Add any available phone service for your number in any time.

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