Purchase virtual phone number via Bitcoin 

Great possibility of purchasing virtual telephone services with payment system Bitcoin

bitcoinYou are annoyed with long queues in banks and its high commissions? We are excited to inform you about the appearance of such system as Bitcoin to pay for phone services of Freezvon.com. Now you can pay for any kind of virtual VoIP number or other telephone service without the interference of bank or other possible operation using Bitcoin payment methods. Electronic fund transfer takes no more than 10 minutes, even if you send money from far far away country. An operation can’t be cancelled because payment goes from transmitter to recipient.

Freezvon offers various features for different possible goals. The most requested and effective especially for office. It's known as PBX telephone system. This facility includes such services as IP-address, free internal numbers, call monitoring, SIP-accounts in illimited quantity, free DID number, IVR interactive menu, etc. See more details about connection here.

 What is Bitcoin system, principle of its work?

It's unique payment system created by unknown programmers that is used for transmission of electronic cash. The payment is always held without interference of banks or some other mediators. Payment can be held thanks to such currency unit, which is called Bitcoins. They are considered the equivalents for any currency in any country of entire world.


Bitcoin system consists of defined letters and numbers called in other words as keys. They are classified in such way:

  1. Public register or block chain is used as an address for transmissions.
  2. Private key or transaction is used as access to the Bitcoins.

Commission does not exist, only for some operations tiny sums of money can be charged.

Pluses of usage Bitcoin as payment system

Here you may find unbelievable benefits of Bitcoin. We hope this information will make question “use or not” more clear and evident:

  • Immediate transmissions;
  • Low commissions or their total absence;
  • Simple operations which don’t need to make complicated steps;
  • Supernational system used in any corner of the world means you don’t have to think about converts. Rubles, dollars, liras, rupees are all Bitcoins;
  • Getting rid of such mediators as banks;
  • Total control of means;
  • Ability to pay in anytime.

Steps of utilizing Bitcoin to pay for virtual phone services Freezvon offers:

We would like to explain you how to use it in practice and don’t be misinformed according to this way of payment:

  1. Download the official app Bitcoin to PC or smartphone;
  2. Set up your electronic wallet (special program that controls digital money);
  3. Get the Bitcoins (they can be bought on the stock exchange);
  4. Make a registration to our site;
  5. Get an access to your personal cabinet and top up your balance;
  6. Select the type of payment “Bitcoin”;
  7. Choose the type of numbers and coverage area;
  8. Set up the redirection;
  9. Confirm the ordering.

Still have unclear mind about received information? 24 hours support team have many answers to your most unpredictable questions.


Buy virtual phone number via Bitcoin