Set up call forwarding for virtual telephone number

It’s possible to install redirection of calls with virtual DID phone number for telephony better functioning.

Virtual number for callsSpeaking about IP-telephony, the most requested service is known as VoIP virtual phone number and helpful service in addition known as call forwarding . Over 5 million of people still using VoIP technologies, because it’s convenient, cheap, fast and profitable in use. All spheres of life involved in telecommunication, so it’s essential to get more details concerning new ways of talking on long distances. People using Internet get accustomed to permanent online communication, so if you belong to them, try Freezvon services.

It’s always convenient to use services, which are in cozy package. Virtual IP PBX station that’s kind of package embracing several services operative as for office as for home utilization. They are SIP accounts without limitations, internal using of virtual numbers , call statistics and others you could add to functional virtual office.

Virtual telephone numbers’ work and destinations

They work thanks to call redirection. It’s essential to set this service correctly for workability of number and correct accepting of calls.

Our company successfully offers several kinds of redirecting such as:

  • Alternate phone device (mobile/local);
  • Skype;
  • SIP-application (such as Zoiper , Xlite );
  • IP telephone ;
  • Asterisk.

Each of them requires special settings, but very easy. Call forwarding can be changed any time in user’s personal profile. So, let’s consider what redirecting do you need separately and how to set it up correctly.

They are possible to:

Call forwarding to phone Phone

readdress all calls to alternative phone number. Enter profile, pick kind of redirecting “phone”, and write number in international special format without + and with zero "0" first before digits of number.

Call forwarding to Skype Skype

readdress calls to Skype. For this please enter profile, pick the diverting calls to “Skype”, and write login of your Skype. For further settings necessary for installation of this service to Skype, please, apply to tech support of making request via profile.

Call forwarding to SIP SIP (SIP application, IP telephone, Asterisk)

Divert calls to SIP. Enter profile, pick upon the course of call forwarding “sip”, and write the login of SIP account. For getting SIP from, please apply to tech support of making request via your profile. How to set up SIP device, you may find out here.

Buy virtual number with call forwarding phone service

That’s how to set all kinds of redirection. Any questions or problems in settings? Apply to our 24/7 support anytime. technical specialists are always ready to bring some help.