Virtual Phone VoIP Number definition and its work

Abilities and preferences of virtual telephone numbers for Freezvon subscribers

Virtual Phone NumberVirtual VoIP number with all its services and possibilities in set may become replacer of usual and common-used public switched phone network. Any needs (personal or commercial) may be satisfied when the matter is in virtual telephony. Possessing VoIP number, you may forget about physical geographical position and change your location when you are in such need. Duty journeys, enlarging of your offices and various journeys become simpler, as with virtual number person may be always in touch with the dearest people and old and potential clients. So, does this virtual number works? This article is devoted to this issue.

Except virtual number, it’s possible to install whole VoIP package with such facilities as SIP-accounts, welcome message, recording of calls, numbers for internal communication, interactive IVR menu, IP-address and others. According to prices you can get info from here. Improve communicating affairs instantly!

What is VoIP number feature?

It has apossibility of redirection calls, SMS and fax. Such a way, there is created such opportunity of owning a number in any country not depending on person’s geographical location. No matter where number’s user is located, he/she is always able to talk. Together with this there created appearance of position in this country, so, your clients will suggest that company is located in their native country, and your friends and family will call you cheap (or free, according to their local rates) and communicate with them as long as you want.

How VoIP number works?

As it was told previously, such kind of telephony works with call forwarding. Freezvon Company provides such types of redirecting for any country that are available for setting and changing where it is necessary:

  • Existing local/mobile phone;
  • SIP-device;
  • Skype;
  • Asterisk.

The forwarding is chargeable only if it is to phone, all others are free of any charges for receiving phone calls. According to SMS email and mobile phone may be as ways of receiving messages. Redirecting to email is also free.

telephony works with call forwarding

Numbers are cheap, so, you may save your personal funds greatly. No extra-large equipment, fax machines, paper etc. are necessary – it is one more benefits of number usage. Check the costs for VoIP numbers here.

Odds of virtual telephone services utilization

There are some criteria, which improve telecommunication and give new level to your relations with subscribers:

  • Possibility to call at low rates;
  • Getting free incoming calls;
  • Capacity to install additional services as click to call , voicemail , call history , background music, conference call , blacklist and others;
  • Stable quality of facilities and web connection;
  • Fast and successful business development.

Purchasing virtual number from Freezvon

It has easy process of getting VoIP number online. Find out the prices for number  here  and follow such steps:

  1. Registration to Freezvon system;
  2. Topping up balance;
  3. Making order via personal profile.

Then wait during 24-hours for number connection and communicate simple and cheap any time. Feel free to connect with our technical support when there appeared some difficulties.