How virtual telephone numbers and other our phone services work?

Working principles of virtual phone numbers and other features, its stability in usage

how number works

Considering a great necessity today in intercommunication it is essential to mention such a novelty as virtual phone number with the help of which it has become easy and delightful to socialize with people around the globe. Contemporary business is impossible to conduct without connection of the highest quality. Influential people need to be always available and in touch with colleagues and clients in order to get more profit. Avoid meetings with call conference option, make records of all important talks, and make possible for clients to leave messages. We provide all these IP features with virtual numbers from Freezvon.

Virtual number is an example of modern technologies. But, what is it and how does it operate? It creates an illusion of person’s location in definite country. But the owner can be situated far away: in another country, city or even continent. Also the user does not need to spend much money on phone conversations, as rates are very low. Use convenience, connection quality – it is not a full list of VoIP numbers’ pros.

how virtual numbers work

How virtual numbers and other our services work in practice?

The service works without special equipment. Stop losing the facilities for expensive appliances - simply redirect your calls, SMS, faxes to a suitable device and communicate without problems. You may redirect your calls to local/mobile, SIP-applications, Skype, and Asterisk. Besides, the redirection to SIP and Skype is FREE.

You may also call your subscribers in foreign countries. All is done thanks to SIP-application, SIP-account from Freezvon and access to the World Wide Web. SMS number permits to resend ingoing text messages to cellphone or email (forwarding is free). As to fax receiving, it is accepted to your email, so no need to hold the line, buy a fax machine and consumables.

Types of virtual phone numbers presented by Freezvon

If you’re interested in diversity of VoIP telephone numbers, just get how many of them we can propose to you:

  1. Numbers for calling  - with what you can dial or receive calls to chosen course as Skype, SIP, other phone number;
  2. Numbers for SMS  - with them you can not only send, but also get messages to e-mail, cell number or website;
  3. Numbers for calls and SMS  - with them you can control both telephone services;
  4. Numbers for fax  - is for receiving such types of messages in PDF to your e-mail;
  5. Numbers for fax and calls  - that can operate 2 telephone services;
  6. Toll free 800 number  - for free calls for subscribers dialing to you as a user;
  7. Multichannel numbers  - providing multiple lines for a number, permit to get simultaneous calls.

It doesn’t matter if you need it for private needs or for your company prosperity, just let us know what kind of number you need to get and company specialists are always ready to help in selecting necessary products. See the prices for virtual numbers here.

Advantages and possibilities of virtual numbers and other features unites all the VoIP-technology benefits and makes the use of virtual phones simpler than you can even imagine.

Let’s consider more widely all virtual phone number and IP services benefits:

  • No bounding to physical location – travel, change the location, increase a quantity of business offices in other countries (virtually), create the appearance of physical presence in a certain region.
  • Opportunity of entering international market – customers trust local companies more – become local everywhere.
  • No need of SIM-cards or special equipment – only thing user needs to do is to set the redirection of SMS, fax, calls.
  • High quality of connection – change of physical position doesn’t influence the quality of connection, so, the user doesn’t feel the difference between using virtual number or the real one.
  • Low rates – the prices are very low in comparison with roaming or international communication.
  • Multichannel numbers – the possibility of increasing a quantity of simultaneous talks, so more customers’ calls can be answered.
  • Wide choice of countries – offers a possibility of choosing a number in more than 90 countries all over the globe.
  • Calls optimization – monitoring and recording conversations and thus rising customers service level.

With all these benefits it start to be irreplaceable part of business and private utilization. That is why the technology is gaining its popularity.

how virtual number works

 Virtual PBX phone system working principles

Freezvon offers not only numbers, but also such service called IP PBX station. It's characterized as a package of virtual services that help to create virtual telecommunication office, get calls to it, control calling processes. There are such features which are the parts of this system: free virtual number, IP address, call monitoring, enormous quantity of SIP-accounts, free internal numbers and others. You can use this system as for business running as for personal goals. Concerning other additional services it's possible to see them below. 

Additional telephone services presented by Freezvon

The use of IP telephony is not limited to incoming calls only. If you need somehow to differentiate your communicative processes and make it easier for others as well, use additional virtual numbers services. A variety of extra services for your work simplification are proposed:

1. Hold a music - a function responsible for replacing tiresome toots by amazing tunes.

2. Call back - calls you made according to received requests.

3. IVR menu – that guides you to the special department. 

4. VoIP/SIP calls – you can call cheaper abroad. 

5. Call recording - it's possible to save data about calls for better control. 

6. Conditional call forwarding – the next function that responds for redirection depended on time and date.

7. Click to call -  with one click you can dial to appropriate company via their website. 

8. Send and bulk messages option - helps in quick informing service with what your subscribers will know more news from your company.  Voicemail permit leaving messages about missed calls.

More concerning additional services, their characteristics and prices you can read here.

Procedure of purchase virtual number from Freezvon

Order the number online and start using it immediately. You may find out all prices and rates here. Simply perform several steps:

  1. Register;
  2. Fill up your account and get access to it;
  3. Buy virtual telephone number!

* technical support rush to rescue! Our 24/7 support team can assist you in choosing suitable numbers. Don’t hesitate to contact us here. It's also possible to contact us via Skype, email or by telephone. Only who asks, gets desired things.

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