How does routing and forwarding for calls work?

Main function of virtual phone number and greatest way of making communication effective.

Get virtual numberOur company cares about consumers, wants to improve presented VoIP services, and proposes as many additional services as possible for your communication. Routing for calls is a set of rule according to which you can create a scheme of forwarding and routing numbers.

It’s unique opportunity to set up mini-PBX and readdressing together is the most popular decision for your business either small or medium or big. As a result, you can prune away your costs for office-telephony and refuse additional lines.

From this article, it’s possible to get more details concerning usage, connection and rates of main function for virtual number . Learn more and read all information that would help in further utilization of virtual number or any other VoIP service.

What is routing and redirection of calls service?

That is an option, which responsible for redirecting calls to appropriate destination as SIP, IP-telephone, Skype, mobile or corded phone. But it’s impossible without virtual number. It’s worth saying that it works without SIM cards or other supplementary appliances. Such number doesn’t attach to physical location, so it’s possible in use everywhere. Moreover, use SIP account that allows making local and international calls via IP ports. For it just set a program phone (softphone) as Zoiper or Xlite and get some settings from us to email.

Buy virtual number with call forwarding

What preferable goods are known?

Get some pros, which would be useful when you will install this option. There some of them:

  • Possibility to get more calls from necessary people;
  • Low local rates;
  • Possible additional services as call statistic, recording of calls, blacklist, conference call and others;
  • Online ordering via system;
  • Working without SIM-cards or other appliances.

You need routing of calls for improving your office telephony that allows every employees be in touch with needed department.

Ordering virtual number process suggests the following process of purchasing VoIP service. You need to:

  1. Make a registration to;
  2. Top up your balance (taking into account the cost of additional service),
  3. Order a number from your profile,
  4. Send us a request for ordering additional service,
  5. Wait for an answer from us to email.

Buy virtual number with call forwarding

The whole process is very fast, so then number will be activated within 24 hours with requested service. With all unclear moments, contact our technical specialists via Skype, email, live chat or by phone.