How to buy cheap direct phone numbers?

Using flexible direct virtual telephone numbers create new opportunities in IP-telephony sphere.

Get IP- telephoneA virtual phone number is an ideal way to save money on telephony. Having set up such a service in any city or country, you will be able to make calls at local rates without roaming charges. Except for a VoIP number, each subscriber can use a big quantity of additional services that cannot be provided by traditional mobile network operators. In this informative article you could derive all details concerning cheap numbers of VoIP type. 

You will not have to worry about significant expenses in order to enjoy a high quality connection. It should be mentioned that a virtual phone number is the cheapest communication method. In addition, there is no need to install any additional equipment and all settings can be changed anytime via the Internet.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of IP telephony that have different functions:

Virtual number has an ability to readdress calls, SMS or Fax to appropriate courses. The main priority of using such number is in absence of using SIM-cards or other heavy appliances. Such services don’t attach users physically to any location. When you want to ameliorate its work, it’s always possible to add any other VoIP service, which are accessible here.

Where to buy a direct number?

Buy a direct phone number on our website here. To get a necessary service, you will have to

  1. Register to official website;
  2. Top up your balance according to price;
  3. Finally, make an order!

Types of IP-telephony for your company

Virtual telephony offers many various services that will make your working conditions more convenient. Thus, you will be able to choose the most suitable solution for a company and, in case of need, you can connect additional services.

How IP telefony work

Types of IP-services:

1. Virtual calls number

A DID number for calls is designed to get calls to alternate number, Skype or SIP, IP-telephone. The peculiarity is that calls can be received anywhere, moreover, all settings can be changed via the Internet. The main advantage of the service is possibility to make calls at local rates. In addition, having set it up, a subscriber will be able to accept calls from customers and partners from a necessary city. It will help you expand the geographical presence of your company.

2. Multichannel phone numbers

It can receive several calls synchronously. This service is necessary for call centres and intra-company telephony setup. Such a service allows you to set up call routing, voice menu, check call statistics to analyze office work. In its turn, call recording lets an operator save all necessary information about customers and create customer lists. Furthermore, each user can manage your number via the Internet.

3. Virtual SMS number

A number for SMS allows you to obtain unlimited amount of text messages to website or email. Thus, the service does not depend on mobile device peculiarities and none of incoming message will be lost. Moreover, SMS sending can be done via the web only. In addition, such a service is also necessary to send bulk SMS and inform customers about specials and discounts within a short time.

4. Virtual fax number

Fax number allows you not to use a fax machine or additional lines. The peculiarity of the service is that all facsimile messages are saved in the PDF format in your email. Thanks to such a service every user can reduce his expenses and check faxes, regardless of location.

5. Toll Free 800 number

A toll free is an ideal solution for call centres that will allow your customers to make an order and get information absolutely free. All incoming calls are paid by the owner of it. 800 numbers will let you attract more customers and improve company image. In addition, it can be used as a multichannel one. Thus, you can set up call routing, check call statistics and more. offers new solution for office called PBX station, which has lots of VoIP services designated for better telephone affairs in office. It embraces calls survey, own IP address, lots of SIP accounts, inside numbers for workers, interactive voicemenu and others. Glance at pricing conditions here.

IP-telephony is a unique service, allowing you to keep in touch anywhere, anytime, and save money on telephony. Connect an unlimited amount of services and feel all the advantages of virtual telephony. Feel confused about any points concerning IP services? Contact our technical department via email, live chat or Skype.

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