Purchase Icelandic virtual phone number

In order to be user of virtual telephone number for Iceland you need to learn about VoIP services.

Virtual numbers for Iceland

When we’re talking about IP telephony technologies, we feel proud that modern telephony reached such high tops. As international provider of VoIP technologies, Freezvon.com is glad to present you a number for Iceland that you can use in case of business negotiations or necessity to support relations with people from this country. Would you like to know more about Iceland? Try it here!

The most requested service is called Virtual IP PBX, that is really helpful in control of business affairs and work of employees. It is presented as another kind of telephonic system that united several services such as numerous SIP accounts, internal free calls, IVR menu, call recording , free virtual number etc.

Country of elves, geysers, its citizens are the descendants of mighty Vikings, but meanwhile this country is on 10th place with people’s longest level of life. We call it a state of ice and think that it’s so cold there, but in practice medium temperature in January is -4 C. It’s interesting that local people believe in elves till now, you can even see road circuit in places where supposedly elves and other fictitious being live. Fortunately, our virtual numbers are not fictive, so you can learn more about them from this article.

What are Icelandic virtual numbers and their functions?

This number has special dialing code +354, and the most important principle of work is in diverting calls, SMS and faxes to special destinations such as:

  1. IP telephone , SIP, Skype, other number for Calls;
  2. Email, URL and other phone for SMS;
  3. Email only for Fax.

These numbers can attract you with absence of any additional technic and SIM cards. You don’t have to care about physical location, just get a number and use it everywhere you need.

Get virtual numbers in Iceland

What are the pros for Icelandic virtual numbers?

As professional purchaser, you need to learn all details concerning the services we propose to you.

Here you may see some of them:

  • It’s easy to order online via website;
  • You could add any additional service for your number such as conference call , cheap SIP calls, click to call , hold a music, conditional call forwarding and others;
  • NO technical equipment of SIM cards in addition;
  • NO physical attachment to location;
  • Low local tariffs for services usage.
  • Connection prices are extremely low too!

Types of virtual numbers for Iceland

You need to see how many samples of number do we have and what are they for:

  1. Calls and SMS (single number); Calls and Fax (united services for one number);
  2. Calls;
  3. SMS;
  4. Fax.

We have also such numbers, which are predominantly for more expansive actions or doings. They are:

  • Multichannel numbers (several lines for better call distribution);
  • Toll free 800 numbers (callers would be able to call without paying for their calls, that’s user needs to pay for).

How to make purchase of Icelandic virtual number

Freezvon.com is in repute for having specially simple way of ordering virtual telephone services. Become convinced in that after doing the following steps:

  1. Make a registration on freezvon.com;
  2. Make your profile accessible and put some money to balance;
  3. “Iceland” is for you;
  4. Select number type;
  5. Ordering process is launched!

Before buying, you need to have a consultation? Our experts are profs in this kind of stuff like IP telephone services. Contact them online in chat, SKYPE or via email.

How to buy a virtual number in Iceland Buy Icelandic virtual number for Iceland

Access of area codes and rates for Icelandic virtual numbers

You need to pick an area where your number will function and see the costs for usage:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Iceland 4 15 20 + - -
Toll Free 800 10 28 + - -