“Inbox” from Gmail service for letter processing

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Inbox is a convenient mail service provided by Gmail team, which will help you to keep your official and private affairs under strict control and concentrate on what is really important for you. In Inbox all possibilities are available – mail, contacts, tag marks. Operations accomplished in Gmail, are synchronized with Inbox and visa versa. Gmail and Inbox have a lot of similar possibilities and functions, but there are some differences. In order to evaluate all opportunities of Inbox from Gmail you can personally use both services and see all pluses and minuses. You have a chance to use both Gmail and Inbox simultaneously or any time decide on the one of them.

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Start of work with Inbox from Gmail

Relatively new service of Inbox works on the basis of Gmail that is why all messages of the user, tag marks, filters and contacts from Gmail are already in new mailbox. As Sundar Pichai – senior vice-president of Android, Chrome and applications – mentions, Inbox from Gmail is more than just mail. Inbox is like a trip to the future, revolutionary new means of information organization.

Inbox from Gmail broadens functionality of categories which was implemented in Gmail two years ago, allowing working with great numbers of similar letter and messages. For example, all checks and bank account statements will be gathered in special groups. User can independently choose a condition according to which groups will be formed.

Blocks and key information functions allow from the first glance finding all the most important information. Inbox from Gmail mentions essential moments of the letter, giving information which is absent in that very letter, but which is available in the Internet – for example, booking status or status of your parcel in real time.

Benefits of Inbox from Gmail service usage

Electronic mail or simply e-mail is a great tool created for purpose to make life easier. Very often constant letters thread can cause only stress. That is why Gmail team developed Inbox service, which will help to process all letters and stay calm. They provide such advantages:

  • Autoshow . It order to get important information, some of the letters can be unopened even. You can register on flights, check information about items delivery, look through friends photos – all you need can be visible at once;
  • Groups . Similar letters will be gathered in one single group, for you to see them all in one department, and if desired delete them all with the help of scrolling;
  • Reminder . Use your Inbox email as “To do” list and you will never forget what you were going to do at a certain time;
  • Postponement . Postpone letters and reminder to a certain time or even till the entering to a certain place;
  • Search . In Inbox from Gmail there is a possibility to find that very thing that you need – your ticket, booking confirmation or friend address;
  • Integration with Gmail . Inbox service is developed by Gmail Company that is why you can count on the same level of sustainability and spam defense. All your letters are available both in Inbox and Gmail.

Inbox from Gmail can play a role of organizer, allowing setting priorities and reminders for very important events in your life. Created reminding will be visible on the top of income letters list.

Cards with additional information mentioning will allow quickly and effectively performing what you have planned before. If, for example, user has left a memo “To call computer shop”, Inbox will give you a telephone number and will inform you when this shop will be open. Due to this service, having ordered a table in restaurant via its site, you will get a map with address attached to the letter, and booked air flight – link to registration.

Due to the option of “Snooze” service gives a chance to postpone the review of your incoming correspondence or reminders on later time or more appropriate moment. As Sundar Pichai said Gmail service was still available for users. As soon as you start using new application you will certainly understand that is absolutely different from Gmail and that is the mail sense.

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If you are an avid user of Inbox or any other mail box it will be convenient for you to receive all possible messages exactly to your email address. We provide you with a great opportunity to apply for a virtual number for sms or fax in order to receive all incoming information to your email.

  • Virtual phone number for SMS having virtual phone number for SMS messages you will have an opportunity to receive incoming SMS messages. They all will be redirected to your email address absolutely for free. O course you can also forward SMS to mobile number or URL.
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So that you can see that Inbox can be helpful in receiving forwarded SMS or fax messages from your virtual phone number. Prices for numbers you can see here.

How to buy virtual phone number with forwarding to email?

If you prefer communication with the help of email it is obligatory for you to have virtual phone number which will redirect all messages either sms or fax to your email address. Here are the instructions of how to correctly order a virtual number:

  1. Register;
  2. Top up balance;
  3. Order a number.

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