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Try to be closer to local people with Indian virtual phone DID number for telecommunication.

virtual phone number for india

Each country is amazing in its own way. Each country has its own zest that differs it from all others countries. India is not an exception. India is one of the largest countries in the world according to its territory. Population of this country takes place the second in the Universe. India impresses its tourists by its beautiful landscapes that cannot leave you to be indifferent.

As international provider of VoIP services provide business people with helpful technologies as virtual IP PBX station. This is kind of telephone system, substitution of traditional old-fashioned telephony. It comprises call statistics, IP address, SIP accounts, internal numbers with free calling, voice menu and others.

Besides, this country is one of high developing countries in the sphere of economics. There are a lot of industries and businesses that needs communication between managers and its clients. And for this reason, the company Freezvon offers its client the possibility to get number for India and stay in touch with their own clients, partners every when.

What is Indian virtual number and possibility of work?

It has a code +91 that has an ability to readdress SMS, faxes and calls to special courses as:

  1. URL;
  2. SIP or Skype (free courses);
  3. IP telephone ;
  4. Email;
  5. Other analogue phone number.

They work without SIM cards and additional techniques. Don’t worry about your being in India, because our number will make you present in there.

Indian virual number for calls

What are preferable facts in Indian number usage?

Telecommunication via numbers for this country have multiple goods that ameliorate usage of them. Check this info out below:

  • Location doesn’t matter, it’s free from it, use it everywhere you want;
  • Order any additional service as conference call , voicemail , call recording , click to call and others;
  • It’s used without SIM-cards or other technical equipment;
  • Possibility to make telephonic operation for your subscribers at low local rates;
  • Comfortable and easy in use services;
  • With the help of SIP account and SIP application (that you can download it free of charge too) you and workers can make calls for low rates. You can see rates for outgoing calls here.

Indian virtual numbers types for utilization

Get matched number for using that according to your demands. They are absolutely various and they are for:

  1. Calls and SMS/ Calls and Fax (numbers that unite 2 of services);
  2. Calls (aimed at call operations);
  3. SMS (message operations);
  4. Fax (receiving fax messages);
  5. Multichannel numbers (lots of lines number);
  6. Toll free 800 numbers (free subscribers calling to user who pays for its incoming calls).

Virtual India number ordering process

When you defined what service would more suitable in your case, try to do the following directions:

  1. Register yourself to system;
  2. Get personal balance filled with money for number exploitation;
  3. Pick “India” and number category;
  4. You’ll get number in short period of time!

Confusing points in IP telephony could be solved thanks to technical experts always ready to make your mind clearer with this stuff. Contact them online via Skype, email or livechat.

How to buy a virtual number in India Buy Indian virtual number for India

The list of available area phone codes in India:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Mumbai (Bombay) 022 0 0 - - +
Bangalore 080 0 0 - - +
Toll free 000800 85 26 + - -
Landline 226 20 50 - - -