Hold music as additional option to DID virtual number

backgroundIt’s always annoying, even boring to hear grey telephone toots, when you’re waiting for somebody’s answer for call. Fortunately, it’s easier to struggle against this trouble – background music option for VoIP virtual telephone number. After installation of this special service, your subscriber can listen to adorable music hits instead of irritative telephone tones. Your callers will be grateful for this option because now they could wait for your answer a little bit longer than ever. Anyway, let’s see what this telephone service means to telephone user.

Description of background music function for virtual phone number

VoIP virtual telephone number is extremely convenient service that has attachment only to the subscriber. You could call anybody in any country of the world. For making awaiting process more likeable to your caller, you may add to virtual telephone number an option of holding music which function is in replacing of terrible tones by amazing melodies. Listening to marvelous song caller will become more cheerful, calm and set his or her heart on conversation with you.

VoIP virtual phone number: its notion and purposes

That is a number with special country code. Its working practice is connected to redirection of SMS, fax and calls to the course chosen in advance (Skype, SIP, IP-telephone, server, another telephone number). As an economical point, you may buy SIP-account and get free incoming calls to it or make cheap outgoing calls.

See the pricing for numbers HERE.

How VoIP virtual telephone number works with background music option?

Freezvon recommends to its clients to install multiple melodies to their VoIP virtual telephone number and create a kind of playlist that would play various melodies randomly. Then your partners or clients won’t listen to the same one tune, but it will be always another one special music. Select popular songs or original compositions without lyrics that will make your subscribers much more happier.


“Pluses” of virtual telephone number with background music

This number with function of hold music has a range of positive side in usage:

  • Pleasants sounds instead of monotonous beeps;
  • Relaxed and calm state of caller is guaranteed;
  • Image of your company will be raised up;
  • Once and forever you could get rid of missed calls from your potential clients.

It’s amazing solution for people involved in business affairs. For example, call centers often require complex solutions with various phone services as multichannel lines, music on hold service, PBX (virtual office), IVR menu (voice menu), call recording tool, blacklist/whitelist and others.

How to buy DID virtual telephone number with hold music service?

Before getting background music option, you need to have virtual telephone number. To fulfill this task, you need to make the following kind of work:

  1. Pass registry process;
  2. Put money to the balance;
  3. Setup a forwarding;
  4. Send a request about installation of hold music to our experts.

*Our specialists work 24/7 for you in order to answer all your questions and select appropriate set of numbers and extras for you and your needs.

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