Buying international VoIP telephone calls number

Use IP-telephony for abroad telecommunication with all possible subscribers.

Get virtual numberGlobalization processes, simplicity of international cooperation, travelling, cross-border trade demand cheap and mobile means of communication, which could work in any world point without problems. Sometimes it is very important to stay in touch with colleagues, partners, friends during trips and to be able to accept calls to your usual local fixed or cell number with redirecting to Skype, SIP-application or to another telephone. Entering foreign markets it is very important to win the trust of the customers showing local contacts.

Get international number everywhere around the globe to promote your company development in the region, because it is a proven fact that clients place confidence in local businesses more. VoIP-telephony resolves such issues and offers much more exclusive solutions for everyone using complex and individual approaches or selling simple virtual numbers for voice calls, SMS, fax, multichannel DID numbers.

How virtual telephonic solutions can be useful?

Virtual telephony operates using mainly web connection by mean of VoIP. Thus, connection is usually much cheaper or even free of charge. Another feature  is call forwarding which permits to talk over local numbers in one country being situated in another one. So, you have to buy number and get a range of pros:

  • Save on technical equipment, because VoIP-technology does not require any special additional equipment (no need of complicated PBX, fax-machines etc.);
  • Save on purchase numbers – use the only number for calls and SMS or for calls and faxes;
  • Save a lot on cost of conversations;
  • Change forwarding to any device (telephone, Skype, SIP) any time and speak freely;
  • Organize conference calls with partners or branches;
  • Simple expenditures control due to call monitoring tool (shows statistical data of your calls);
  • Control your operators with call recording function.

In fact, everyone can find VoIP useful features for himself or his/her company. The listed benefits represent only some the most common features. You can freely appeal to Freezvon Company specialists, who can describe all the possibilities of virtual telephony.

Number for cheap international calls

SIP service for calling abroad cheaper

Freezvon has a solution for people who cooperate closely with foreign countries. Such feature as SIP from Freezvon helps not only to accept calls to account, but make extremely cheap calls to it. Just get several settings, install special programs as Zoiper or Xlite and use successfully the VoIP facility. For questions just contact experts from Freezvon technical department. They work 24-hours for your interests, convenience and profit. Write to email, livechat; dial to Skype or phone.  

Buy a number and use extras

We have to notify that VoIP-technology has a lot of function opportunities for your convenience, such as IVR-menu (voice menu), blacklist function, callback , click-to-call, PBX (virtual phone office), greeting message , hold music and others, which freely connect to your numbers. In order to buy phone number for abroad usage you have to:

  1. Register on
  2. Fill up your balance.
  3. Select a number, country and city.
  4. Set up forwarding destination.
  5. Make a written request for connection of extra services (optional).

We connect numbers and extras within 24 hours after your request. Moreover, Freezvon Company support team works for you 24/7, so you can always ask your questions and contact us on different purposes using chat, Skype, e-mail, click-to-call or ordering call back service.

Buy virtual number for cheap international calls