modern technologies

IP telephony is a modern technology of future

Telecommunication with VoIP facilities becomes faster and efficient everyday of life

Human’s distinctive feature is a possibility to speak, hear and understand, that is why communication is so necessary for us. Constant technological development and life pace acceleration led to a necessity of frequent and distant talks over the telephone. Nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone, but digital technologies and data transfer offers more. VoIP is a great discovery. In the Universe of mobile and computer technologies cheap telephony via Internet starts to be more and more popular. Telephony via Internet is called IP/VoIP telephony.  

It's obligatory to learn more about IP-telephony, especially when you are going to build own affair or if you just need to maintain relations with people staying abroad. Use any services suitable to your goals. Our company could be a guide on the path of IP world, just follow us in order to become experienced and clever user. 

What is IP-telephony used for?

IP-telephony - is a new way of telephone communication, which has its own benefits unlike usual phones. Incoming calls, being free of charge, and low rates on outbound calls to different points of the world make the solution to be a worthy substitute of common and well-known telephony. All the users of such telephony need just to have an access to permanent Internet. Such service allows accepting and making international calls and at the same time being situated anywhere. Except these advantages of IP telephony , we can highlight the following:

  • good quality of connection not depending actual location;
  • possibility to receive simultaneous calls;
  • solving problems of busy lines;
  • opportunity of fax line;
  • united informational structure of files;
  • possibility of call forwarding .

IP telephony opens a possibility to accept calls from any phone and make calls to any other countries. So you can buy a virtual number , i.e. real local number in any country and accept calls to any suitable device, like your cell phone, landline phone, Skype or SIP-application.

Modern technologies open opportunities to transfer the correct Caller ID, i.e. the number of the subscriber or your name or even your company name. You can monitor calls from a personal profile where all this information can be found. Personal account makes expenditures control possible. So, now you can buy the service from Freezvon Company in a few simple steps directly from your computer. as international telecommunication provider presents various services of IP-telephony as virtual numbers for various goals, SIP-account, virtual PBX system, additional features as supplement for numbers. When you will use it just get access to web and utilize it everywhere because VoIP facilities are free from physical location. Forget about supplementary appliances as SIM-cards, wires etc.