Buy Iranian DID virtual number for calling

With Iran virtual phone number broaden all possibilities in VoIP technologies society.

Virtual phone number for Iran

We offer a big variety of services, which can give you the confidence and the capacity to make telephonic talks smarter. If you want to meliorate your business communication with Iran, you may pick up virtual number with SIP calls service, which saves your cash and keep all clients within the company. You should only create a request to us about it and make some settings. But let’s get more info about this country.

When you’re going to establish an office, remember about such sphere as telephonic conversations with colleagues and customers. The solution for office telephony we offer called PBX station that presents the package of IP telephone services such as free within call, choice of SIP accounts, IVR-menu, call records and others. It simplifies work not only within the company, but also inside of the company.

Being multinational country Iran has 3 phone operators as Hamrah Aval, MTN Irancell and Righ Tell that cover all the country. Travelling or being on the business trip in Iran, you are always interested in making your telephony talk quicker. We present you a possibility to keep the contact with anybody in Iran using your own number.

What is Iran virtual number and its principle of work?

This is a number, which works by principle of redirecting calls, sms and fax to any destination you select. When you use Iranian number, forget about using expensive technical things such as SIM-cards, wires etc.). This number can be used everywhere, because it’s not connected with special place. Remember, it has special Iranian code +98, to dial before. For having capacity to make calls, it’s obligatory to set SIP-application and reduce expenses on talks with foreigners. Send a request to our technical department and get ability to dial to any subscriber.

Get virtual number for calls in Iran

Its costs and rates for coverage find out here!

Using Iranian VoIP virtual number

Providing numbers, we give an opportunity to take out one of them or even more.

They are for:

  1. Redirection of calls to SIP, SKYPE, IP telephone or other number;
  2. Text messages receiving to URL, email alternate number);
  3. Fax will be sent to e-mail for free;
  4. Having united numbers for Calls and SMS or for Calls and Fax for Iran;
  5. Toll free 800 numbers – free calling for people making calls to you (you pay for these calls);
  6. Multichannel number – receiving many calls to several lines.

What are the pluses of using virtual features?

Find the points justifying reliability and effectiveness of virtual number for Iran:

  • Ability to get services online sitting at home or even being in another country;
  • Availability and constant access to your own VoIP number;
  • Cheapness of services;
  • NO expenses for technical equipment;
  • Possibility to apply for another additional services such as Voice mail, call recording , Conditional call forwarding , Cheap SIP/VoIP calls, background music etc.;
  • No physical location attachment.

How to get virtual number for Iran

The process of getting virtual number is the easiest one, you just need to follow certain directions determined by

  1. Sign up to our website;
  2. Top up your balance;
  3. Choose “Iran”;
  4. Then type of number must be picked;
  5. Order VoIP number!

If you have some questions about buying Iranian VoIP, you may ask our 24-hours support team. They will consult you in any questions you are interested in. Write to our email or live chat or call us via Skype.

Buy Iranian virtual number for Iran

Reachable area codes and prices for Iranian virtual numbers

We get an information for your concerning area codes for virtual numbers and its costs. Attentively learn this information:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Tehran 21 30 60 + - -