How to buy Jamaican virtual telephone number?

Only virtual phone number for Jamaica and feel free in telecommunication.

Jamaican virtual number

When your family, close friends or business partners are in Jamaica, but you’re outside of it, solve the question of cheap and easy connection with them. Using of virtual numbers for Jamaica expand the boundaries of talking. So, let’s find out more details concerning following service. Everybody wants to feel the smell of Jamaican freedom. The country of high spirits and unusual attitude to life. Jamaicans can teach you how to be totally free not only in spiritual way, but also in telephonic communication. Technical progress gave us a miraculous thing as IP-telephony, which provides the connection with all over the world including Jamaica with code +876. gives a possibility to order a service for office called PBX station. It’s kind of packet of telephone VoIP services. They are like monitoring of calls, own IP address, inside numbers for free conversations, SIP-accounts, voice interactive menu and others for any of your taste.

What Jamaican virtual number means and how it works?

It’s a number with special code working by redirecting calls, sms and fax to any point you may choose. Get out of your mind useless SIM-cards or laying the wires to install own virtual number. Being in Jamaica receive calls, SMS and even fax not only from local numbers but also from any world destination.

Get virtual phone number in Jamaica

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Types of numbers from

  1. Calls – receiving call to SIP, other number, Skype, IP-telephone;
  2. SMS – redirecting messages to website, alternate number;
  3. Calls and SMS – that is united number for both calls and sms;
  4. Fax – redirecting fax to e-mail in PDF;
  5. Toll free 800 numbers – for people making calls for free;
  6. Multichannel numbers – providing big amount of lines.

Pick goods of Freezvon virtual number

Have a chance for looking at several positive points for virtual number:

  • Possibility to order it online even being in another country;
  • Permanent access to your personal cabinet on our website;
  • Cheapness and flexibility in usage;
  • Possibility to choose any other additional phone service: Voicemail , IVR menu, call back, blacklist and others;
  • NO SIM-cards are required in use.

Process of ordering virtual number for Jamaica

Check an ordering procedure

  1. Sign up and get your personal cabinet on our site;
  2. Top up your balance;
  3. Choose “Jamaica” in a list;
  4. Pick needed criteria;
  5. Order a number and have a talk with anybody in Jamaica!

Concerning the rules of dialing, you can ask our technical 24-hours support of experts. We work for your confidence and reliance. Contact us via phone, Skype, livechat or mail address.

How to buy a virtual number in Jamaica Buy Jamaican virtual number

Preferable area codes and rates for Jamaican virtual number

Revise all codes and fees for using a number for this country territory:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Landline 876 15 30 + - -