How to purchase virtual number for Kazakhstan?

All possible methods of communication are nothing in comparison with virtual telephone numbers.

Get virtual number for calls in Kazakhstan

For being forward-thinking caller in Kazakhstan, you should know that sim-cards are not in fashion anymore. VoIP telephony is better and simpler choice for sharing the information with Kazakh friends, relatives or colleagues. Our Kazakh DID numbers will surprise you by its variety and convenience of using. Do you want to know meaning of virtual number and methods of its work in Kazakhstan?

Freezvon as professional provider of VoIP services presents one of the most effective and beneficial IP service uniting IP address, SIP accounts, interactive menu, statistic of calls, inside numbers, recording of calls and others.

Historical motherland of Amazons and first equestrians, Kazakhstan, the ninth biggest country in the world without outlet to the sea. But this fact don’t bother this country to be one of advanced and forward-going state. Telephonic communication is controlled her by one line operator Kazakh Telecom that provides another mobile operators as Dalacom, K-Cell/active and K-Mobile from Beeline, Neo-Kazakhstan from Tele2.

What is Kazakh virtual number and meaning of its work?

It’s a number with code +7, working by readdressing calls, fax and sms to the direction important for you. SIM-cards became unnecessary if you have Kazakh DID number. Multichannel numbers will be useful for business affairs, because having many phone lines gives the chance to gain more clients. Setting up SIP call service, redirect your calls freely to personal SIP account and enjoy the life.

Virtual phone number in Kazakhstan

Choose appropriate kind of virtual numbers

Here it’s possible to learn what services Freezvon has and pick one or more of them. They are for:

  1. Calling – forwarding calls to SIP, Skype, IP-telephone, other number;
  2. SMS – redirecting sms to website;
  3. Calls and sms – one number for getting calls and sms;
  4. Toll free 800 numbers – free calls for subscribers, user pays for incoming calls;
  5. Multichannel numbers – lots of lines for one number;
  6. For fax – redirection to your e-mail;
  7. Calls and fax – united number for receiving calls and fax.

Why you have to utilize our VoIP numbers for Kazakhstan?

Learn opportunities of IP numbers that are successfully used in this state:

  • It’s possible to order virtual number for this country being for example in USA;
  • You could be achievable everywhere;
  • Our cheap service is better than present for Christmas;
  • Local rates for telephone services;
  • Order as addition another phone services as call recording , click to call , blacklist, call history , IVR menu more HERE.

Rules of ordering Kazakh virtual phone number

Be sure that we have the easiest and fastest method of ordering, so try to

  1. Sign up to our site;
  2. Top up your balance;
  3. Select “Kazakhstan” in the list;
  4. There are the types of numbers available now in this country;
  5. Then you may select the city;
  6. Finally, it’s possible to order your Kazakh number.

Something unclear about purchasing or paying? Inquire about it in our support. They work for your comfort and effectiveness in telephonic socializing.

How to buy a virtual number in Kazakhstan Buy Kazakh virtual number for Kazakhstan

Area codes and costs for numbers in Kazakhstan

Find out an area where virtual number will work and then in schedule, it’s possible to see costs for connection and use:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Aktobe 7132 10 16 + - -
Almaty 727 10 16 + - -
Astana 7172 10 16 + - -
Atyrau 7122 10 16 + - -
Karaganda 7212 10 16 + - -
Kostanaj 7142 10 16 + - -
Pavlodar 7182 10 16 + - -
Petropavlovsk 7152 10 16 + - -
Shymkent 7252 10 16 + - -
Toll Free 8800 40 75 + - -
Beeline mobile(1) 777 20 25 - - -
Mobile K-Cell xxx 40 35 - - -
Toll Free 8800 110 55 + - -