Virtual telephone numbers for calls and sms in Kyrgyzstan

Utilization of virtual phone number for Kyrgyzstan in IP-telecommunication 

kyrgyzstan virtual numbersBuddhist Mecca, mysterious country with vast fields and wonderful hills, where ancient wanderers were settled once. It’s interesting, how Kyrgyzstan equestrians shared the information? They probably sent their domestic falcons or staffettes, but anyway they were not reliable services in sharing information. Fortunately, we live in modern world with all possible facilities and such technical miracle as IP-telephony saves our lives. Learn more concerning virtual number for Kyrgyzstan from this article.

Now Kyrgyzstan also follows contemporary tendencies, especially in telephonic stuff. VoIP telephony could solve all the problems of low quality of connection and lost calls. Assure yourself if it’s obligatory to reject traditional telephone stuff and change telephonic tastes?

What is Kyrgyzstan Virtual telephone number and what does it do?

This phone number has specified code +996. Its work connected with readdressing of calls, fax and text messages to specially chosen course. Heavy equipment as cables, telephone set, sim-cards are unhelpful anymore. Such number has no physical connection, so it’s very convenient to move and use it in any place you are. Cheap calls are possible too, because of existence of SIP call service, which redirect calls to SIP account (course, which is out of charge).

kyrgyzstan virtual numbers for Kyrgyzstan

Types of Kyrgyzstan virtual phone numbers to choose

Any type for any taste is available now. Kyrgyzstan virtual numbers aimed for:

  1. SMS – number intended to sharing text messages to e-mail or another telephone set;
  2. Calls – number for making and getting calls to SIP, Skype, other number;
  3. Calls and SMS – doubled number for both services;
  4. Fax – getting fax messages is simple, you’ll receive it in PDF to e-mail;
  5. Fax and SMS – united number for sms and fax.

For business in Kyrgyzstan, you may see:

  1. Multichannel virtual numbers – number with numerous lines for getting more clients;
  2. Toll free 800 number – people dialing to you don’t pay for these calls, but you do.

Privileges of Kyrgyzstan virtual telephone number

This info will help to make sure of reliability these numbers:

  • Low and accessible prices;
  • Excellent level of connection;
  • Ordering number via Internet;
  • Electronic payment methods to your service;
  • Good additional phone services to your main DID number: call recording , voicemail , click to call , call back, conditional call forwarding etc.

Process of ordering Kyrgyzstan phone number

The easiest algorithm to order the number:

  1. Registration on our website;
  2. Charging of balance;
  3. Selecting of “Kyrgyzstan” in a list;
  4. Choosing of the type of the number;
  5. Ordering now!

Don’t be afraid of being unknowing of something. 24-hours support will make you if not an expert in IP telephony , but someone like duck to water.

The list of available area phone codes in Kyrgyzstan

In order to use virtual phone number for Kyrgyzstan it is necessary for you to be aware of all calling codes of this country. Look through all possible codes below:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Toll Free 800 50 80 + - -
Bishkek 312 20 45 + - -


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