Passwords are not for future Microsoft technologies

Innovations for Microsoft system services will impress Internet users

The company Microsoft follows after Yahoo in new system of passwords for login. New operating system Windows 10 will contain the option that is aimed to change the users’ passwords. Biometric identification will be the part of Windows 10. And thanks to this function the user will be able to get an access to system due to scanning of face, iris of eye or finger-print.

The creators of such system hope that new method will be more comfortable, as the users don’t have to remember all the passwords. Besides, biometric identification differs from passwords by its high safety. It’s always easier to get known password than finger or iris of eye.

The using of Windows Hello doesn’t restricted only by log into system. Such system extends also on some applications and online-services. The main difficulty of this system that can happen is that it requires the buying of devices, equipped by scanners and infra-red sensors. They are very rare on the market at this moment. But Gadgets, that are equipped of necessary facilities, have already appeared.

Microsoft is not the first and the only company that experiments with biometric system. Apple is using the technology of scanning finger-print (Touch ID) instead of passwords for a long time. And corporation Lenovo tried to change personal passwords and use the scanning of face. Such new technologies are very safe and ready to be widely-spread according to Microsoft founders.

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