Purchase Luxembourg VoIP virtual number

In order to use IP-telephony services that is available for Luxembourg you need to read this article.

Virtual phone number for Luxembourg

Developing systems of IP-technology expand more and more countries, Luxembourg is not an exception. If you’re ready to perceive an information, we could inform you concerning services from Freezvon.com, which are used in more than 90 countries. If you’re really need to have such experience let’s go! From this article devited to Luxembourg virtual numbers and other telephone services you can obtain lots of interesting facts.

 As successful provider of VoIP technologies, we could propose to you a full package of services that called in other words as virtual PBX station. It includes IP addresses, SIP accounts, internal free calling, free virtual number, IVR menu, call history etc.

One of the smallest country in the world, but it has the highest percent of mobile phones using per capita in Europe – about 151,7 telephones for 100 people. Moreover, this state takes third place as a place of holding effective business. On the territory of Luxembourg the biggest radio station works it’s called RTL group, which works on 34 television stations, 33 radio stations and in 12 world countries. VoIP technology is widespread as well for this country, so let’s see what does it mean there.

What is Luxembourg virtual numbers and practical part of work?

That’s the number with code +352 has a function to divert calls, SMS and fax to desired courses. It works without SIM-cards or technical equipment. If you want to feel free from territory conventions, you need to remember about the fact that this number doesn’t attached to physical location. In order to dial cheaper to foreign subscribers you need to get SIP account + download special program that help to get SIP calls without complication. Send a request to us about this service ordering.

Get virtual number for Luxembourg

Virtual number with its prosperous goods

Before having a purchase you need to check out all pros of our product. Learn more concerning usage, ordering or other stuff:

  • We have online ordering available via freezvon.com system;
  • It’s cheap and efficient in usage;
  • You could order additional service for virtual number such as black and white lists, call back, hold a music, call history and many others;
  • It’s possible to make calls or send messages with low local tariffs;
  • It’s used without SIM-cards or other equipment;
  • NO attachment to physical equipment.

Luxembourg virtual numbers types

Try to select appropriate to you numbers with most effective functions.

These numbers are for:

  1. Making/receiving calls + diversion to SIP, IP phone, Skype, or other phone;
  2. Sending/getting SMS + redirecting to email, url and phone numbers;
  3. Getting fax + diverting to email only;
  4. SMS and calls + definite destinations;
  5. Calls and fax + unconnected courses;
  6. Multichannel numbers, which owe big variety of lines for faster calls contribution;
  7. Toll free numbers, which are going to allow to subscribers call freely to you. It must be paid by you.

Watch the following pricing for numbers and their rates here.

Order Luxembourg virtual DID number

Are you afraid of complicated registration operations connected with ordering options? Hopefully, Freezvon.com gets very simple system that you won’t even notice the process.

Carry out the following steps:

  1. Pass registration with entering your data;
  2. Achieve to your personal cabinet;
  3. Get your balance filled with money;
  4. Pick up “Luxembourg”;
  5. Type of number should be chosen;
  6. Make an order!

* Before buying our services some obscurity can remain. To avoid that you could write to technical support experts to live chat, Skype or email.

Codes and coverages for Luxembourg virtual numbers

You should remember the fact that before using our services, you have to check out appropriate areas where it would be reachable:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Luxembourg 2 15 20 + - +
National VoIP 20 15 20 + - -
Toll Free 800 10 16 + - -
Virtual PRI 00 0 90 + - -


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