Setting SIP applications for cheap international calls

Pick SIP-technology for being successful user of any IP-facility in foreign country.

Get virtual numberWith the help of SIP, it has become possible to make and receive SIP calls for low rates. Communicate with people from different foreign countries without paying much and travelling to another location. It offers connection of the best grade and also simplicity in use for everyone. Remember that you do not need any equipment or SIM-card.

Our corporation permits not only in getting calls, but in dialing via VoIP technologies known as SIP. You don't need to use supplementary equipment, just get an access to Internet. Remember that for completing such phone operations, it's obligatory to purchase virtual number . Don't forget about special apps helping with abroad calls. Install these softwares with the following useful recommendations.

Thanks to SIP account from, the user starts accepting free calls, and dialling cheaper to abroad. The rates for these calls you may find out here. After getting SIP account from us, start configure SIP program. So, how to set SIP-application? The company offers as comfortable SIP applications Zoiper or Xlite , SIP-server (Asterisk, FreePBX etc.) or IP-telephone. Let’s consider its working principles.

What is Zoiper and how to use it?

It’s one of numerous softphones, which allows to make and accept SIP calls anywhere. Application of Zoiper is accessible for smartphones and personal computers. Download FREE version for Android and iOS and also for Windows 8, mac and Linux operational systems. To have such a possibility you have to sign up on site, order virtual number, ask for personal unique SIP account from us and set SIP to suitable device.

In order to set Zoiper SIP application for better communication with SIP calls follow next instructions with added images for your comfort and better understanding.

  • Download Zoiper here;
  • Set the program on your PC or smartphone.


  • Open the program, pick SIP and press NEXT.

Choose SIP

  • Enter SIP data (username, secret codeword, host) in the fields.

Sip account

  • Now you may get calls and make calls to foreign country if you have money on your account.

Zoiper set

What is Xlite and how to set it?

It’s one of softphones for making and receiving SIP-calls. It has very convenient and understandable interface. Voice and video calls are possible with this app, which can be set on your gadget, PC or other device. For using this XLite application for international or local regional calls, just get number and have positive balance on your account.

XLite application setting is not difficult but for doing it without errors and mistakes, follow next steps presented with useful pictures.

  • First download Xlite here.
  • Set the program on PC or smartphone.


  • Open the program and go to Settings;

X-lite account

  • Complete a field with all info of your SIP account.

X-lite account Complete a field

  • Now your program is fitting to accept and to call (with filled account).

X-lite program

Having done all necessary adjustments for SIP application, you will get possibility to use SIP calls. It's accessible if you have enough cash on balance. If you get some questions or appeared problems, you may apply to our technical support for further consultation.

Preferable benefits of calls with SIP

Thanks to SIP, the user can either receive VoIP calls or dial. In such a way, inbound calls to SIP will be FREE. As to outgoing calls, owner of SIP profile from can have a possibility to make cheap outgoing calls with low rates. Moreover, if you operate with SIP calls it's possible to face following advantages:

  • No need to be bound to a certain location;
  • No need to have any of special equipment or SIM-cards;
  • Get SIP-account from our company;
  • Connection of the highest level;
  • Increase the profits;
  • Widening clients’ base;
  • Save money and time.

It is not full list of incredible benefits, which SIP proposes. For calls just get a virtual DID phone number from Freezvon technical support team will always help you if you cannot understand something or encounter some problems.

Order number with SIP account

If you wanna get calls with SIP account free of charge, get number in particular country. Check out the prices for numbers here. Everything is necessary for getting the number with SIP is to:

  1. Register on our web site and get access to personal profile;
  2. Top up balance;
  3. Order the number via profile;
  4. Get SIP account writing request;
  5. Download SIP app;
  6. Set up SIP program.

Get SIP account and start calling

After all these easy steps, you could talk cheap and with high quality. Obtain SIP-account and feel all the advantages of using virtual SIP telephony by yourself.