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VoIP technologies present new virtual phone number for Malta for supporting communication

Virtual number for calls for MaltaIn the world of permanent communication, we try to build the bridges between the people from multiple countries. Numerous profitable phone services permit to do this thing. Being out of Malta, you forget about using heavy supplementary equipment and begin to enjoy the talking with friends, parents or business partners. This article will tell you more about virtual number for Malta, so be attentive to every word.

Freezvon.com has a power to influence on your business level positively by providing virtual corporation services in your country. About 90 states use VoIP services and try to change their perception about  IP telephony  as alternate choice instead of ordinary telephonic system. Select profitable facility according to requirements.

Knights of mysterious order lost their battles because they did not have such thing as high telephonic connection! Have a desire to be smarter than they were, just are going to visit Malta, know that talking can be easier. Good quality of connection and cheap pricing.

What is VoIP number and methods of its work?

Maltese number, which works by principle of redirection calls, sms and fax to any destination. Such numbers are not attached physically, so that simplifies its availability and accessibility everywhere you are: in Malta or outside of this country. Nevertheless, when you call Malta, you should remember about unique code +356, which should be dialed first.  

Get virtual phone number in Malta

What types of Maltese DID number exist?

As provider of services could give you incredibly high variety of numbers.

They are for:

  1. Calls – redirection to IP telephone, SIP, Skype;
  2. SMS – receiving text messages to URL, email;
  3. Numbers for fax – diverting fax to e-mail;
  4. Toll free 800 numbers – for free subscribers’ calls;
  5. Multichannel numbers – which receive many calls for one DID number with lots of lines.
  6. Calls and SMS/ Fax and Calls (united numbers).

What are goods for VoIP numbers?

We’re sure that IP will conquer the world, so it’s obligatory to know what preferences they could give us as to consumers:

  • They are cheaper than ordinary telephone services;
  • Virtual numbers work without SIM cards or cables;
  • They aren’t attached to physical place;
  • All services are accessible from our website;
  • Connection differs by cheapness and high quality.

Freezvon additional services for VoIP numbers     

As pleasant bonus for using number, we get such options that could make your communication more productive and effective:

  • Welcome message that greets the abonents;
  • Voice mail – with this service you can leave the voice messages;
  • IVR menu – opportunity to create special menu with several steps and redirecting to the department they need;
  • Call recording – possibility to record the call;
  • Call back – possibility to give inbound calls;
  • Click to call – special button for fast calling;
  • Black/white lists – special lists for unusual or annoying numbers;
  • Hold the music – possibility of listening to the melody instead of annoying dial tones;
  • Conditional call forwarding ;
  • Cheap SIP/VoIP calls – possibility to have SIP account and making calls with the help of SIP program (Zoiper , Xlite );
  • Conference calls – a possibility to speak with lots of people at the same time.

Purchasing process for virtual features

You could know more about our ordering process on your own, you just need to fulfill several indications:

  1. Make signing up to Freezvon.com;
  2. Put some cash to balance;
  3. Pick “Malta”;
  4. Number type is important too;
  5. Launch ordering process!

If you want to order any additional service or how to pay for our service, you need to apply for it after getting virtual number. Write about it to our specialists and get an appropriate information. Our support team works 24 hours a day.

Employable area codes and rates for virtual numbers

From this section, you could get more info according to Malta virtual numbers usage:

How to buy a virtual number in Malta Buy Maltese virtual number for Malta

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
National 27 15 20 + - -