Purchase Mauritius virtual number for convenient telephony

Having virtual telephone number for Mauritius you could use telephony services for big time.

Virtual numbers for Mauritius IP telephony is like big 8 handed octopus that stretched to every world corner. Now it reached fairy pearl of Indian Ocean called Mauritius. Freezvon.com proposes various virtual numbers and plentiful additional services for this country. Let’s see what’s interesting and fabulous you could find there too. This article will tell you more about local virtual number for Mauritius.  

Freezvon.com has plenty telephone services, but the most popular is SIP account that help to make cheap calls to other countries and spend less money for communication. You just get personal SIP account, install Zoiper or Xlite (programs for calling) and here you have ready saving-money and time communicator.

This country called the “Star of Indian Ocean” among its admirers. Island Mauritius is principal one and considered the richest African country. Education is free there, even High education. It’s interesting to know that this island was the last place where dodo birds lived. Unfortunately, this bird species were destroyed. We hope that IP telephony won’t be pushed out from this country.

What is VoIP Mauritius number and its practical part of work?

That is a number with code +230 working by principle of redirection calls, SMS and faxes to chosen previously courses or telephone devices. Never mind about SIM-cards, which are meaningless indeed. Your location doesn’t mean anything too, because this number works everywhere. If you’re businessperson it’s possible to install IP PBX for your office with multiple great services as unlimited SIP accounts, free virtual numbers, own IP address, voicemail , greeting message etc.

Get virtual phone number in Mauritius

What are the favors for direct DID virtual number?

See what amazing things are provided by virtual numbers in general characteristics by IP-telephony:

Sorts of Mauritius virtual numbers for communication

Freezvon.com suggests various types of virtual numbers that you may use for every convenient case.

They are created for:

  1. SMS which should be sent to email, other real number, url;
  2. Calls that could be redirected to Skype (FREE destination), IP telephone , SIP (FREE course), other number;
  3. SMS and calls that have their own forwardings mentioned above;
  4. Fax is always on your email (FREE destination);
  5. Calls and fax are forwarded to their proper courses;
  6. Multichannel numbers having several phone lines;
  7. Toll free 800 numbers that offer for subscribers to make free calls, BUT you need to pay for received calls.

Glance at price lists for numbers described above here.

Process of receiving DID virtual number for Mauritius

Our customers are extremely grateful to us about simple registration, and adaptable personal cabinet.

Do you want to be sure in that, perform following actions:

  1. Make fast registration and put money to personal balance;
  2. Take “Mauritius”;
  3. Choose the proper number type;
  4. Order the number.

* It’s always disagreeable to realize that you have a lack of knowledge in some life spheres. IP-telephony is very flexible, so if you don’t get enough info you can contact our experts using Skype, SIP or email.

Codes and coverage for Mauritius virtual numbers

Before purchasing, just get what area codes would be favorable for your virtual number utilization:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Port Louis 230 46 56 + - -
Mobile xx 46 56 + - -


How to buy a virtual number for Mauritius Buy Mauritius virtual number