Get Marocco virtual phone number for talks

Maroccan Virtual phone number is designated to open more capacities in IP technology society.

Virtual numbers for Morocco

When we’re talking to clients, we see that some of them have not enough info about IP technologies, so from this article we want to inform you about Moroccan virtual local number that could change your life. According to data of Point Topic Company, it’s known that about 18,7 millions of people use VoIP technology services, but this number grows every day. On VoIP market it’s Japan, France and USA are main dominating countries in this field, but we hope Morocco will chase them one day. has big variety of services that are very useful in every sphere of live including home needs, business or other department. We offer special package of services called virtual PBX system that will ameliorate your telephony twofold. It includes such services as unlimited SIP accounts, free virtual number , IVR-menu, call recording , free interior calls, call history and others.

Whole name of Morocco is known as «Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiya» from Arabic and translated as “Western Kingdom”. It’s interesting that according to ancient traditions that symbol of love is considered a liver not a heart. If you glanced at local citizen and smiled to him or her that means you want to have romantic relationships with this person. Speaking about politics, it’s known that Moroccan Constitution is one of the most progressive in whole Africa. Hopefully, that VoIP technologies also make this country more forward-looking.

What are Moroccan virtual numbers and their practical matters?

Such number has code +212 and functions thanks to redirecting of SMS, calls and fax to appropriate courses.

Here you may see them:

  1. Calls comes to SKYPE, SIP or another alternate number;
  2. SMS goes to email, another real number and URL;
  3. Fax is always on email.

Get virtual phone numbers in Morocco

This number is working without SIM cards or additional equipment. If you had virtual telephony for office, but decided to move, don’t worry, your number will work without problems because it has no physical location.

Observe the rates and costs for virtual numbers here.

Moroccan virtual numbers and their advantageous sides

Be sure that we offer you only qualified and professional product, you may see that from goods it has:

  • Available online ordering process for any service;
  • Big list of additional telephone services such as hold a music, click to call , blacklist, call back, call recording, conference call , cheap SIP/VoiP calls and many others;
  • It’s free from physical places;
  • You don’t need to use SIM cards or other technical appliances;
  • It’s possible to get free calls to SIP account;
  • Low rates and prices for all services.

What types of numbers are utilized for Morocco?

Check out how many different numbers we propose to our subscribers. Destinations of their redirection are listed above.

They could be for:

  1. Calls;
  2. SMS;
  3. Fax;
  4. Calls and Fax;
  5. Calls and SMS;

Other VoIP numbers are privileged for business spheres (banks, hotels, call-centers etc.):

  • Multichannel numbers which have several lines for making number overcharged);
  • Toll free 800 numbers (special free calls for your customers, but user should pay for their calls).

Instruction how to get DID Marocco virtual number?

It has known that has very flexible and comfortable system of ordering. You have a chance to check it now by accomplishing the following steps:

  1. Register personal profile on;
  2. Get your balance filled with cash for communication;
  3. “Morocco” is a choice;
  4. Type of number;
  5. Make an order quickly!

* If you have doubts “to buy or not to buy”, you could contact freezvon experts whose working day lasts for 24 hours and they are always in open access for you via Skype, email or live chat.

What available area codes and coverages do we have for Morocco?

Here you can look through necessary areas of the country and decide for yourself what territory will accept your number work:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
GlobalStar North Africa 8920 20 25 - - -

How to buy a virtual number in Morocco Buy Moroccan virtual number