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Connect virtual telephone number for Moscow and get closer to Russian citizens.

Virtual number for calls in moscowWhen company is developing requirements grow, so corresponding is the main task in big business. Calls increasing? Just think about right way of its regulation. IP-telephony created the most ameliorated conditions for this process. In this article, it’s possible to know more about ability to contact Moscow people with VoIP virtual phone number. Would you like to know more about it and a bit concerning capital of Russia?

Ability not only to get calls, but also make them with SIP service is in open access now. Freezvon offers to install SIP account by sending a request to technicians of company. It’s obligatory to download free SIP apps as Zoiper or Xlite and pick redirecting to SIP. Then you receive some settings from us for your account.

Only some captivating facts about capital can impress a lot by its extravagance. There it’s possible to visit such place described in Bulgakov novel “Master and Margaret”, called Patriarchal ponds. It’s the most mystique location loved by hippies, geeks and creative people. Library named after Lenin, biggest in Europe (43 billion of books) is also known as library named after Lennon, because when Beatles were popular local rock-n-rollas called it like that. So, Moscow is not so Soviet and ordinary.

What is virtual Moscow number and how does it work?

It’s number with code +7499 or +7495 that has a possibility to readdress calls to appropriate courses as:

  1. IP-telephone;
  2. SIP;
  3. Mobile;
  4. Skype.

Virtual number doesn’t require SIM-cards or other appliances. Being independent from location this number permit to move everywhere and talk. Redirection to SIP, Skype is free, but to mobile is paid.

Buy virtual number for Moscow

Preferable odds of direct Russian virtual DID number for Moscow

Picking such service, try to examine all positive sides of virtual telephone number:

  • Order some additional service as blacklist, click to call , conference call and many others;
  • Online ordering of VoIP services from Freezvon;
  • NO SIM-cards or other equipment;
  • Free from physical location;
  • Low local rates;
  • Possibility to make calls thanks to SIP.

What categories of numbers are accessible?

There are some DID numbers, which could be for several needs in this state. They are for:

  • Other direct Russian numbers;
  • Mobile numbers;
  • Toll free 800 (number of free dialing for subscribers);
  • Multichannel (lots of supplementary lines).

Ordering process of Moscow direct number

Connection of virtual number for Moscow is possible by 3 clicks. No technical knowledge is demanded for it. Just follow the next recommendations:

  1. Sign up to;
  2. Topping up balance with needed sum of cash;
  3. Pick needed parameters;
  4. It’s done!

Number will be activated within 24 hours, so it’s not overcharging process.

How to buy a virtual number in Moscow Buy virtual number for Moscow

Concerning all confusing moments ask our technical specialists who are waiting for questions 24 hours per day. They are accessible via Skype, email, live chat or by phone.