Benefits and Advantages of telephone numbers with multi channels

Learn more concerning numbers with several lines of virtual type for information transferring 

buy number for callA multichannel number is a type of VoIP telephonic connection, established by using SIP service provider and special software. This type of virtual number differs from the usual one by the amount of lines available for plugging in. Once connected, an unlimited quantity of lines can be added. This feature allows medium and large serious companies to surpass the classical ordinary telephone services and rapidly build, multi-channel system in your office. The corporate customer has the opportunity to choose a number with coverage for the certain country, where he plans to do business.

Purchasing local DID number also means to reduce the cost of VoIP calls and stay in touch with the corporate branches in other countries. All contacts of the company will be merged into one, which is very convenient for customers and employees. Look at the costs and coverages of these facilities here. Gain more positivity and and odds of IP-telephony with Freezvon. 

Meaning of multichannel telephone number - How it works

This service, the same as other kinds of numbers, works by transmitting signals through the Internet, by binding to an IP address. The inbound call is redirected to the peculiar device of your choice (landline, mobile, computer).To make or receive calls, you will need a customized program of SIP providers - a special free application program installed at your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can download this software at our website. The users are offered free forwarding of inbound calls to Skype account and payable option of calls redirecting to the cell and landline fixed phones.

numbers work by binding to an IP address

Multi-lines number - Advantages

If you compare a usual and multi channel number, the latter has an unlimited number of inbound and outbound channels. Regarding rest - it has all the same advantages as compared to the conventional wired talks:

  •     Cheap long distance calls;
  •     Free-of-charge calls within the company network;
  •     Possibility of access to foreign markets;
  •     Rapid purchase and setting.

Connecting a multi-channel number, you will have a possibility to create a full Call center just in 1-2 days to enhance customer service, marketing research, polls and more. Unlimited number of lines will enable you to always make and get calls without having to wait until the line is free.By using this service, a set of additional VoIP services is available at affordable prices:

  1.     Diverting to mobile;
  2.     Call redirection to Skype, Zoiper or Xlite ;
  3.     Call routing;
  4.     IVR menu;
  5.     The welcome message;
  6.     Click-to-Call;
  7.     Callback ;
  8.     And much more.

Get more detailed information about the additional services you can by contacting our customer support. To connect the main and additional telephone services does not take much time. To monitor calls data and the balance on the account is very convenient with the help of a personal profile.

More preferences of virtual numbers

  • It should be noted that number can add up to 100 channels. At a request, if necessary, the number of potential channels may be yet increased. This redirection can occur both on the office desk, mobile, and on your PDA or PC with installed software phone (softphone).
  • Now, each client will be able to get through to your company by adjusting the distribution of calls for time parameters. For example, during business hours, all calls will be received at the office phones of employees, and on weekends and holidays - the calls will be transferred to voicemail .
  • Among corporate users there is also a popular option of voice menu. It giver the caller the prompts, following which, the user can switch to the right department / employee. Using this service allows you to avoid involving a secretary, but to fully automate talking processes.
  • On the merits of voicemenu and the conditional redirection (extentions) mentioned above. Service phone records allow monitoring of the work of subordinates more carefully, prevents loss of calls and helps to avoid unpleasant incidents.
  • Also, it is possible to activate conference option. Its use will allow for an audio conference with multiple parties situated in various locations.

The service is easy to use. By choosing it you will optimize internal business processes, improve communication between employees and helps to coordinate representative offices. Modern progressive technological solutions will also help to reduce costs and improve overall quality.

It is obligatory to know, that you may get a multi-channel phone number of another country to make contact with representatives of the central office at affordable prices. Abroad calls will be charged at a price of coverage for the selected region.

*More details on coverage areas and fees can be found here. You can also get advice from our manager by calling or through the online chat. Use modern technology solutions, develop production, and achieve the objectives!

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