Multichannel number for limitless communication

Purchasing of virtual telephone numbers gives a possibility to be accessible anytime.

Get virtual numberBuying virtual multichannel phone number, you will reduce telephone lines workload, increase operative reactions in the process of call reception and reduce possibility of missed calls because of busy lines, so it promotes your company's efficiency in general. Nowadays, more and more companies are using a multichannel number in their everyday life. These numbers were created to enable you to receive many calls at the same time. It is very useful and rational to use this service. For instance, if you use such kind of numbers, you will create as many redirections, as you need, and use the number of workers, you have.

Such service as IP PBX system will give a progress in telecommunication as fast as it’s possible. There is a big collection of VoIP services known as IP-address, message of greeting, interior numbers for workers, recording of calls, SIP-accounts and other services.

Besides, using a multichannel number in a modern company is considered to be one of the rules of good form. It’s very simple in use. If several calls are received by this number are redirected to accessible free numbers. Meanwhile, calls itself can be redirected not only to office numbers, but also to cell phones, SIP-services and PC. Moreover, the quality of communication will stay the same, no matter how many calls you receive at the moment.

Number with many lines: what is it?

That’s a number called multichannel with some additional phone lines. It’s virtual as well and can redirect calls to SIP, IP-telephone, Skype and alternative mobile. It doesn’t require SIM-cards and other additional appliances. Moreover, it’s possible to be independent from physical location, you as subscriber can go and talk anywhere you need. For better functioning check out some additional services as call recording , conditional call redirecting, click to call , call back and others.

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Main preferences of multichannel number service

Observe all preferable sides of multichannel virtual number usage:

  • Common number that connects all the numbers, such as office, branch and telephone numbers of offices in the other regions, into one. Moreover, the call within a network will be free of charge;
  • Simultaneous incoming calls are unlimited and, if it is required, they can be enumerated;
  • Costs on intercity and international calls will be reduced;
  • Every incoming call can be readdressed automatically to a necessary number. Firstly, it will be sent to the secretary's telephone and only then - to the necessary user. It will increase work quality in case of huge amounts of inbound calls;
  • High standards of telephony communication;
  • Number can be used even if you change your office's location or move to any other town.

Ordering multichannel number from Freezvon

It’s purchasing in some clicks from our company. Your task in following our recommendations:

  1. Register to official site;
  2. Put some cash to account, pick needed parameters;
  3. Ordering has been successfully done!

Our company and its specialists will help each customer to create necessary number of telephone lines and offer the best variant to attach a multichannel number.

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If you have any questions, turn to our customer service. If you want, you can register and make an application for a multichannel telephone number yourself because it is very easy to do.