Multichannel virtual number for a high-quality connection

Make your virtual phone number multifunctional by adding new phone lines from

Virtual number with multifunctional optionIs your office telephone ringing all the time and your customers have to wait for the answer meanwhile listening to the busy-line tones? Is it possible to change the situation? We can offer you a brilliant solution. Buy a multichannel number in our company and then you will forget about the problem of missed calls. Freezvon company sees to that all calls come exactly to you, and no one subscriber can’t call you because of busy number.

Internet has been changed. Some years before it wasn’t designated for real time talking, but thanks to IP telephony it’s possible. is pleased to offer such service uniting numerous VoIP services as SIP accounts, IP address, free virtual DID number, internal numbers for free communication, call statistics, voicemenu and others.

This number will make your communication be simpler in all sides and let you create mini call-center with several operators ready to help your clients and anyone who call you. Any of your operator and managers may call your clients back to specified some important information if there is such need. This service is called the service of outgoing calls via SIP. All these and others services are available with package of multichannel number and they are written in this article.

Multichannel number for concurrent calls

By means of a multichannel number service, you will never miss important calls because all of them will be united into one in your own virtual office. It will enable you to control calls effectively and coordinate your workers' activity. Meanwhile organizing virtual office, you will not have to rent an actual office, buy equipment or pay a salary to your staff.

Virtual numbers for receiving and making calls

It will belong to you forever while it is not bound to your actual location, so it will not be changed in case you move to any other office or even to any other city. It means that our company will never lose our constant customers and will get new ones easily.

Reception of a huge amount of calls simultaneously

Multichannel phone number can receive several calls simultaneously and then redirect them to given directions. Our company offers numbers with a certain amount of calls, which can be received by a virtual number . If necessary a number of potential lines can be widened according to your preferences. Forwarding can be made to a landline or a cell phone as well as to a pocket computer or a computer with a softphone function.

Main priority of it, a reduction of telephony expenses without losing the quality of good communication. If you buy a multichannel virtual number, you will not have to pay huge bills for your intercity and international calls. In this case, a multichannel virtual number provides delivery of the call signal through the Internet by means of IP-networks. In this process, there are no landline or analogue lines involved. Only thing that this call process requires is access to Internet.

Ordering process of multichannel number from Freezvon

Becoming a user of VoIP service from Freezvon, it’s the easiest operation. Be sure in your decision and fill following steps:

  1. Create an account on;
  2. Recharge balance with needed cash size;
  3. Pick necessary options concerning country and number type (multichannel one);
  4. Get new virtual number with multiple lines.

Buy multichannel virtual number

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