Music on hold as a customer relations feature

Background music facility make callers enjoy further conversations 

Fighting for buyers and their trust modern marketers appeal to various implements including PR, advertising, discounts, actions. But modern markets are highly competitive and promoting products is becoming more difficult and more expensive. It makes to seek for new opportunities of improving customer relations.

Telephony is one of the channels of communication with clients. Nowadays most reputable companies prefer VoIP-technology to other means of a phone connection. It allows to make cheap calls, send/bulk SMS with the latest company’s news, set up multichannel phones for a big amount of calls, install complex office solutions and has other useful functions. One of the features of calls is music on hold. What is it and how can we order music on hold for business or a private use?

How does music on hold function?

It is a very simply but very useful option for biz. It was invented by accident.Currently, music is turned on automatically depending on the telephonic system. Besides, there are a lot of available sources of the sound: from Mp3-files on USB flash drives to radio stations on the internet. So, when calls are on hold subscribers listen to some music instead of alarming silence.

Why is MOH so necessary for your company?

A number of surveys and researches were conducted on the issue. One of them revealed, that about 73% of callers prefer something other to silence or beeps. At the same time, another survey detected, that approximately 70% of subscribers  hang up within 60 seconds. And people, who listened to music remained on the line 30 seconds longer, than callers listened to silence.

How can MOH be connected?

The function is available for Freezvon clients as a supplementary service. You can order background music together with a virtual number . In fact, everything is simple:

  1. Register of
  2. Fill up your account.
  3. Order a necessary number.
  4. Make a request to our support team for the supplementary service connection.

All clients’ requests are processed immediately and services can be switched on in 24 hours.

For customer convenience other optional services are offered:

  1. Voicemail . Listen to unanswered calls.
  2. Conditional call forwarding . Set up conditions of redirecting calls in certain time to certain device.
  3. Blacklist/whitelist . Block annoying or unnecessary calls and prioritize incoming calls.
  4. Call recording . Record conversations for further analysis.
  5. Greeting message . Set up any message you want the callers listen to.
  6. Send/bulk SMS. Notify your buyers about the latest news.

Do not hesitate to call or write our operators to make all your questions clear. We have 24/7 support team for your comfort and always ready to help you in choosing suitable virtual numbers and services for business.