Norwegian VoIP virtual telephone numbers for communication

Being closer to local citizens from Norway it’s possible with virtual telephone number system.

Virtual number for calls for Norway

Regular users of IP telephone services are increasing its quantity every time in Norway. People want to attempt something new and VoIP telephony gives the opportunities to change an approach to any affair. Let’s find out what is the specificity of Norwegian virtual number and which preferences are accessible with it indeed. permits to talk freely with citizens of every country. It’s possible to unite lots of IP services in one big package. Try installation of virtual PBX that have many SIP accounts, virtual numbers for internal communication and other supplementary phone services.

Fantastic state with richest power resources and its reasonable usage make Norwegian nation one of the most extraordinarily well-heeled. Climate is very changeable: fog, sun, rain, wind. Norwegians even created such proverb: “Don’t you like our weather? Wait for a minute!” This fact became the main reason of highest level in using of Internet. About 100% of Norwegian population surfing Internet all the time. Examine info concerning VoIP technologies for this state.

Norwegian DID virtual number and its practical sides

That’s like an ordinary number but with code +47. This number works by directing calls, sms and fax to any available approach as e-mail, Skype, SIP or another device. Forget about buying sim-cards or terrible long wires, such numbers have no location bounding so it’s easy to move out of the country.

Get virtual phone number in Norway

For saving funds, SIP call service is quite effective, because conditions of its forwarding. Prices for Norwegian virtual phone numbers you find here.

Classification of Norwegian VoIP telephone numbers

See special categorization of numbers in a list below. They are designated for:

  1. Fax (redirecting to email in PDF);
  2. Calls (readdressing to SIP, IP-telephone, Skype or alternative number);
  3. Fax and calls (for fax and calling stuff);
  4. SMS (diverting to e-mail, url or phone number);
  5. Calls and SMS (calls and SMS rerouting to needed destination).

Pick upon the most preferable types of numbers for business are:

  1. Multichannel numbers that have multiple phone lines and the customer always can reach you;
  2. Toll free 800 numbers providing free calls for callers.

Why should you trust Norwegian virtual numbers?

See the items that give you a confidence in VoIP telephone numbers of Norway:

  • High quality of services;
  • Low prices for telephony stuff;
  • Online ordering procedure;
  • Possibility to make international calls abroad cheaper than ever;
  • Electronic paying systems in open access;
  • Chance to order VoIP additional services to the main number. They can be such as Voicemail , call recording , click to call , call back, IVR menu, conditional call recording and many others are HERE.

Procedure of ordering Norwegian telephone number:

Simplicity in everything is very urgent, especially if you’re person of business. See the rules of number ordering below:

  1. Set up to;
  2. Charge your balance;
  3. Find “Norway”;
  4. Select the type of number for Norway;
  5. Buy Norwegian virtual telephone number!

For receiving more info, write please to our 24-hours technical experts, who are in permanent awaiting for your questions. They are accessible via Skype, email or live chat.

How to buy a virtual number in Norway Buy Norwegian virtual number for Norway

Area codes and possible rates for Norway numbers

Pick appropriate city and virtual telephone number precisely attached to it:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Alesund 71 15 20 + - -
Baerum 63 15 20 + - -
Hamar 62 15 20 + - -
National 85 15 20 + - -
Oslo 21 15 20 + - +
Stavanger 52 15 20 + - -
Trondheim 73 15 20 + - -
Virtual PRI 00 0 90 + - -
AKERSHUS 67 15 20 + - +
AUST-AGDER 37 15 20 + - +
NORDLAND 75 15 20 + - +
National 852 15 20 + - +
National 854 15 20 + - +
National 2 15 20 + - -
Mobile (only for sms)* xx 10 30 - + -