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Purchase of virtual phone number is considered to be a necessity for developing country, however a lot of business keepers – beginners in particular – face the problem of not understanding the benefit of using it. They think that dynamic connection can be arranged by usual telephone numbers. We will try to prove that virtual phone number is a great helping hand in business conduction for different fields and spheres. Learn what features we offer for our customers, this article will be useful for people deep involved into their affairs and ready for fast developing.

Freezvon proposes several telephone services for every professional sphere. You can install such profitable service as PBX station in other words virtual telephony system. It's possible to get virtual telephone numbers for every possible country, moreover order any additional services as click to call , hold a music, welcome message, send and bulk SMS and others. Being a representative of any field of life, our customers can pick any suitable service of VoIP telephony.

List of clients who trust us

We cooperate with many clients, who, in turn, work in a variety of areas. We want to introduce you to some of them:

NL Star

International Direct Sales Brand


Online Service for Business Event Organisers&Affiliates


Online Platform for Event Management


Mobile App and Websites Devlopment Agency


Company Provides Express Delivery Services Around the World


International Women Fashion&Clothing Online Store


Professional Trader Training Platform


International Company, Decorative Lighting Manufacturer&Distributor

Sdg Trade

USA Stock Trading Courses

Agricultural industries using VoIP telephony

Agricultural sector includes following directions:

  • Agricultural chemistry;
  • Veterinary medicine;
  • Animal breeding;
  • Crop research and processing;
  • Complex agricultural companies;
  • Farming machinery.

Necessity of quick and high quality connection for companies of this sphere is apparent – too much depends on reaction of employees on external accidents. Companies who work on agrochemical inventions need to get virtual phone numbers to stay in contact with laboratories, stopping widths and raw material suppliers. Veterinary is almost the same as usual medicine: connection speed is very important.

Animal breeding and crop research need huge territories which are difficult to keep under control without sustainable connection channel, and mobile network in such cases wishes to be better. Complex companies and those which deal with technical equipment are fully dependent of connection. Virtual phone numbers solve all problems of bad connection easily.

Cargo operations

This sphere usually includes goods transportation and documentation and logistics, bases and warehouses. There is no need even to explain why this field needs virtual phone numbers for its effective development. Without connection no company element will work correctly. And their main competitive advantage is speed and dynamic. Thus, they face to get virtual phone numbers in order to improve situation.

Marketing, advertisement, consulting, research

Special business spheres which are based on connections with huge number of people and making them being informed about important data are:

  • Marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Consulting and research

Toll free virtual phone numbers, multichannel lines, numbers for SMS, calls and faxes – all these works are for making business more productive and efficient. Operational performance is growing as well due to IP telephony.

Medicine, pharmaceuticals industry, chemist shops

It is sphere in which speed is the most important point. In business this direction includes such points:

  • Medical services;
  • Pharmaceutical production;
  • Chemist shops, medical goods delivery;
  • Medical equipment.

Frequently people’s lives depend on how quickly you can contact medical workers. Pharmaceutical production is directly connected with goods deliveries, which can often be limited. Chemist shops are connected with pharmacists, medical equipment delivery made in time can save somebody's life and everything depends on opportunity to be connected with needed person.

Multidisciplinary manufacturing holding

Such business usually includes numerous subdivisions and branch which are situated in different cities or even countries. Existence and whole system efficiency depend on high quality connection between those subdivisions. Virtual phone numbers are large helping hands for providing connection of high caliber. Mobile network currently cannot fully help in solving communicative purposes.

Education industry with VoIP telephony services

Here usually are various learning courses, sport sections and others. Again it is a work with a big number of customers, which are to be constantly informed about conditions changes. There is also a need in consulting them about different information. Process organization with the help of traditional telephones is too money-losing and unprofitable for business. Multichannel lines of connection, toll free virtual phone numbers and SMS bulk sending, virtual IP PBX installation – all these are available and cost not so much.

Printing industry, art, books, audio, video

This vast sphere consists of such branches:

  • Audio and video production;
  • Polygraph equipment, paper;
  • Typography;
  • Book publishing;
  • Design.

As it can be noticed, this sphere is completely oriented on connection with customers and also on interaction of core competence companies between each other. Material delivery, project confirmation with customer and performer, ready project running in production – all these need possibility to quickly be connected with this or that person in a certain company. In this sphere delay on just several hours can bring critical loses. Virtual phone numbers are made to avoid this.

Production sector

Production complex is the largest and many-sided among others. It consists of the following directions:

  • Heavy industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Light industry;
  • Equipment for extraction and recycling;
  • Fuel and energy complex;
  • Food industry.

Plenty of them do not have an opportunity to stop production process even for a minute. Everything is always working without pauses. Even the tiniest failure can spoil everything completely. Ability to quickly contact necessary department to inform about this problem is possible with virtual phone numbers.

Retail business using virtual telephony

Service industry is fully and completely customer oriented and needs high quality connection. Here we can mention:

  • Domestic animals;
  • Household services;
  • House property;
  • Trade organizations;
  • Shop networks;
  • E-shops;
  • Automobiles;

Work with suppliers always needs communication which has to be of highest quality. Virtual phone numbers creates all conditions to make it true and real.

Connection, communication, computers

Companies who are IT oriented are to have high quality and failure free connection. Such fields are:

  • Internet providers;
  • Computer networks;
  • Programming, web-design, soft;
  • Telecom.

All of them often have large territorial scale. They can be situated in different locations but connection is still needed. With the help of virtual phone numbers it has become possible and simple.

Media sphere with IP-telephony

One more sphere which is based on quick reaction. Here those win who get to know first about some important accident. To get the newest information and direct it to television or publishing is possible and very convenient due to IP telephony with its unique virtual numbers. Option of forwarding will create positive conditions for quick connection and quality communication. You will be the first who appear in hot points and get satisfaction of it.

Tourism and passengers transportation

In this sphere there is a need in controlling each step – starting from client involvement in a certain company and to his return from a trip. Travelling situation can be unpredictable. That is why key moments of tour should be controlled by companies. Traditional telephony cannot manage all these. Connection with clients, suppliers – should be supported on the highest level. So that is possible with IP telephony. Tourism agencies feel a necessity in virtual phone numbers and we provide them with such an opportunity.

Buy virtual number for any professional sphere

Concerning all IP-telephony services you may ask our technical department that works 24 hours every day. You can find us via Skype, email, online live chat, or by telephone number. Don't be afraid of asking a questions, because you need to regulate your business affairs, so don't lose a moment and get consultation from our technical department. We are always open for cooperation with our customers. Contact us clicking here.

Payment methods

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods.

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Payment method webmoney  Bitcoin payment method Perfect Money payment method
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We work with the most popular and secure online payment services with a guarantee of the security of your transactions.

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