Get Pakistan DID virtual number with low costs

Order virtual telephony services for Pakistan for communicative aims and efface barriers in talking.

Virtual number for calls in Pakistan

Visiting this state, you should remember that all the time you won’t play in grass hockey only, you need to talk and strike up a friendship. We may help you with this delicate thing. Utilize virtual numbers that give the permission to develop the quality of your telephonic communication and brighten your business future. So then let’s make out what VoIP services really mean. permits to follow VoIP technologies and try them as communicative attempts such as virtual numbers, virtual IP PBX, SIP-application, additional services. Every option has its own unique peculiarities, which could be useful in any sphere of life.

Very developed Pakistani pigeon post doesn’t provide the communication of the high quality for Pakistan people. But VoIP telephony removes this disadvantage with its own priorities much more effective in passing of information. If you want to communicate with Pakistani people or business partners, you may do the most appropriate choice of usage IP services.

What is virtual number and its methods of work?

Number with unique code +92 works grace to readdressing of calls, sms and fax to chosen destination (existing alternate number, e-mail, SIP, Skype). Moreover, you can forget about buying SIM-cards or other appliances, because with such kind of number they are useless.

Get virtual phone number in Pakistan

You can use a SIP account and all calls will be received to it (free course). Watch rates for such call here.

Numerous types of VoIP numbers for Pakistan:

Here you may see how many Pakistani VoIP numbers we offer:

  1. Calls – accepting calls to SIP, IP-telephone, Skype, alternate number etc.;
  2. SMS – getting texts to e-mail, website or alternate number;
  3. Calls and sms – redirection of calls and sms to special destination you choose;
  4. Fax – receiving of fax to e-mail;
  5. Calls and fax – facility for both features;
  6. Toll free 800 numbers – Pakistani can call free, but you pay for their calls;
  7. Multichannel numbers – many lines for number make it not so overcharged.

Look at the costs for virtual numbers from here.

Points of necessity in using of Pakistan number

Answer to yourself why do you need such kind of number for Pakistan:

  • Ability to make purchase of this number for online even outside of Pakistan;
  • It’s cheap service for communication;
  • People can dial to you with local tariffs;
  • Redirection to SIP and Skype is free;
  • There are some other additional VoIP services such as IVR menu, call history , virtual PBX, call back, greeting message , call recording and MANY OTHERS.

Procedure of getting Pakistani DID number

This action is the easiest so it will be simple to understand it:

  1. Register yourself to;
  2. Top up the balance;
  3. Choose “Pakistan”;
  4. Type of the DID number for choosing;
  5. Order your number now.

We adore questions, so our support team works 24-hours per day to solve the points you’re interested in.

Buy virtual number for Pakistan

Achievable codes, coverages and rates for Pakistan

If you’ve decided to be user of virtual local number in Pakistan, just read more about its areas where you could utilize it:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Mobile (only for sms) xx 10 30 - - -
Islamabad 51 20 50 - - -
Lahore 42 20 25 - - -
Karachi 21 20 25 - - -