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Payment methods for buying Freezvon phone services

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods for having an ability to purchase any kind of our VoIP telephony phone services. We propose Perfect Money, PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer and others you will see in the article below. So, what payment methods do we accept?

Freezvon offers almost all possible electronic systems for paying via Internet. Online making payments are safe, reasonable and fast choice of our time. With some questions you could contact our technical support by phone, via Skype, live chat or email. From this article you will get some information concerning ways of payments described below.

The list of accessible payment methods from Freezvon

After registration the customer of Freezvon can find all methods in his or her personal profile. There are such methods as:

  • Mastercard/Visa – an ability to pay with the help of bank cards;
  • Perfect Money – electronic payment system having convenient instruments for making payments of P2P and P2B. This system accepts currency from various countries. Learn more details here.;
  • PayPal - person can pay via credit card, terminals, with the help of its own PayPal account. Get more info reading here.;
  • WebMoney – you can find also such payment method like sending money directly to our wallet;
  • Yandex Money – another system designated for payments made online with the help of cash, bank cards or e-money;
  • Bank transfer – it's possible to make payments via bank operations.
  • Bitcoin – that is a method that helps to transmit the electronic money using such equivalent called Bitcoins. More info you may find clicking here.

Freezvon accepts also payments by transferring through the banks. We have different wallets for different currency (all variants can be also seen in personal profile).

Payment methods for buying our services
List of all payment methods we offer

If you or your company is interested in clearing settlement, we also offer this variant of payment. The financial department of Freezvon sends you invoice by your request for further service paying. Money such a way will be transferred to our bank of Cyprus. If you need original invoice, we will give this information and send all documents after your request. Such payments can be done during 3-5 days.

Find your most appropriate payment method

Some payments can require confirmations from clients (such as PayPal). This process is necessary for payments authorization and for saving our clients from hacking clients’ accounts. Also don’t forget to point your registration email when you send money (for example, using PayPal, WebMoney).

This will help us to identify your payment and fund money exactly to your account. If for some reason you don’t find necessary payment method, you can apply in our support and we will help you. Freezvon takes care of making our services easy for your usage. Contact us.

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