How to get mobile virtual number for Philippines

Philippines mobile telephone number will change your perception of IP-telephony

Virtual mobile number in PhilippinesLike any well-educated person each of you wants to communicate as much as it’s possible, because people won’t exist without fully-fledged communication. Telecommunications sphere proposes deep variety of choices asking the question “how to make life easier and mobile?” Philippines virtual mobile number solves several items. offers virtual numbers for expansion the boundaries not only in communication between friends or relatives, but also in serious business relationships. For making calls to foreign countries cheaper, you could get SIP-account and receive calls for free.

Philippines is small country, but with huge influence on world history (beginning with creation of first democratic state in Asia and finishing by the union with USA against Japan during the Second World War). It’s captivating to know that one of the best web-design studio in the world is located there. Thanks to their mentality, Philippine people are so joyful, they always say: “bahala na” that means enjoy life to the full, never mind about beingness, because it’s not eternal. Maybe they are so happy because most of them know about existence of IP-telephony services? Let’s see that!

What is Philippine virtual mobile phone number and how it works?

This kind of number is mobile having code +63 that works with redirection of SMS, calls and fax to course you choose for better utilization. This number’s peculiarity is in being not bound to physical location that makes you free in movements. Besides it has no SIM cards for using or any other expensive equipment that burdens your life as a user.

If it’s not enough to have only one virtual number for this state, you may get virtual PBX system including multiplicity of virtual telephone services as voicemail , unlimited SIP accounts, personal IP address, free virtual number, IVR-menu and many others.

Get virtual mobile number in Philippines

Positivity in using of Philippine mobile virtual numbers

Before buying every customer needs to know what is the product means and why it could be useful for any of life niche:

  • It’s in open access via Internet. You could order any of services online;
  • No location controls your number;
  • It works without SIM cards and cables;
  • Best business solution, even if it’s for obtaining partnership relations from foreign countries;
  • You could get another telephone services such as welcome message, voicemail, IVR-menu, call recording , conditional call forwarding and many others;
  • You choose any of the most convenient to you payment methods.

What kind of virtual number for Philippines could be?

Let’s check out what types of virtual numbers for this special country can provides.

They are for:

  1. Sending/receiving SMS (redirections of texts are possible to email, url and other phone);
  2. Making/receiving calls (forwarding is possible to IP-telephone, SIP, Skype, other phone);
  3. Calls and SMS (reroutings are totally different);
  4. Receiving Fax (messages in PDF form are received to email only);
  5. Calls and Fax (courses also differ as well).

The following numbers are specially for those who want to rearrange their business affairs:

  • Multichannel numbers (multiple lines for making number less overcharged);
  • Toll free 800 numbers (it’s multichannel numbers too, that help your subscribers to make free call. The user of number is obliged to pay for each call).

Look at their costs here

How to buy Philippines mobile virtual number? shows the easiest way to order virtual number quicklier without complicated manipulations:

  1. Sign up to website and recharge personal balance;
  2. Select “Philippines”;
  3. Single out the necessary type;
  4. Order your number!

* Any cloudy elements concerning Freezvon virtual services? It’s realizable to find them out thanks to technical support working for 24 hours every day in a week.

Buy mobile virtual number for Philippines

Serviceable area codes and coverages for Philippines

Here you can identify all-important codes for using mobile virtual number for Philippines in right way:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Globe xx 15 32 + + -
Smart xx 15 32 + + -