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Virtual number for calls in Philippines

For modern technologies there are nothing impossible, the same situation with IP telecommunication. We are going to talk about VoIP telephony that captured the whole world. have big array of virtual telephone services, especially for Philippines, where you can have business or just relatives to keep contact with. is a provider of virtual telephony services for lots of countries in the world, from United States to Australia (about 90 foreign countries).

Philippines is a country that can surprise you indeed. In spite of widespread opinion karaoke was invented in Philippines, not in Japan. The inventor Roberto del Rosario called it “Sing along system”, but the word karaoke was created later from Japanese “singing without accompaniment”. Philippine airlines were the first Asian air company. This state won three times in Miss Universe. Maybe these facts are not singular surprising points in Philippines. Let’s see what interesting virtual number can bring to us.

What is virtual number for Philippines and his work?

This number attribute is code +63 and also work that contained in redirection of calls, sms and fax to needed destinations. It’s obligatory to know that for Philippines this number will function without SIM-cards and additional cables, you don’t have to buy them. If you’re interested in using this number in any place, no problem, because it has no location binding. For making cheap calls to foreigners, you should choose SIP service as effective telephonic way of world connection. Just get SIP account from us, download program as Zoiper or Xlite and redirect calls to it (this destination is FREE).

Get virtual phone number in Philippines

Look at the prices for virtual numbers and other services here

Samples of VoIP virtual numbers for Philippines can open to you the doors of telephony in Philippines that you just need to appoint what kind of number would be supportive and improving in your affairs.

They are for:

  1. Calls (calling operations + redirection to Skype, SIP, IP telephone , other phone number);
  2. Fax (fax receiving in PDF to email, only FREE destination);
  3. Calls and fax (operations for two services + separated redirection);
  4. SMS (message operations + readdressing to email, url and other phone);
  5. Calls and SMS (two services operations + unrelated directions).

It’s important to keep caller (customer) when your gain depends on clientage.

These numbers are really what you’re seeking for:

  1. Toll free 800 numbers (free calling for callers, but obligatory payments for number user);
  2. Multichannel numbers (numerous lines for keeping the number less overloaded).

Favored positions in utilization of DID virtual number for Philippines

Be sure you made a right decision concerning our virtual numbers and check the list of their priorities:

  • They are in open access online;
  • They work without additional technical appliances;
  • They don’t bind you to physical place;
  • They cheap and easy in using;
  • They permit making cheap call to abroad;
  • For them you can order additional telephone services from Freezvon ( click to call , call history , Virtual PBX, hold a music, conditional call forwarding and many others.)

Buying operation for Philippine VoIP virtual number

If you’re annoyed about long and complicated processes or systems on sites, our procedure will astonish you.

Just fulfil these steps:

  1. Get registered to our site and recharge the balance;
  2. Choose “Philippines”;
  3. Opt for type of number;
  4. Order the number now!

* About obscure and blurry questions you may inquire from our technical support experts who work from dawn till dawn for taking into account your comfort.

Possible area codes and coverages for Philippine virtual numbers

See what codes or areas you really need to have a number functioning for. We can offer:

City Name Area code Setup fee Monthy fee Voice SMS FAX
Manila 2 60 42 + - +
Toll Free 800 40 60 + - -


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