Get virtual number for your landing page

How this kind of number could help in website promotion and advertising.

Toll Free virtual numbersUpon setting an online store or after having created a cool website for the new product promotion, you might get use of SEO-optimization tools with the goal of attracting more prospects to your landing page. This is done, and now happily observing crowds of visitors through Google analytics, what is the next step to make your future buyers stay? Don't lose a chance to develop business affairs via Internet.  

Freezvon created seductive possibility of receiving free virtual numbers ! Remember that only some of them are accessible in limited state list. Check it out immediately! They also can be helpful for advertisement of product or services. 

While landing page serves as the first point of contact for consumer, it needs to have an increased usability, attractive design, clear structure and a unique content. Updated contact details and mailing information should be stated at the visible site, as the users might wish to clarify some issues.

What is the best way to get in touch if not by phone?

For this occasion, a VoIP/DID number may be perfectly used. Due to the broad possibilities of such numbers, any of the below offered types of virtual numbers can be set as a customer service office or hotline. A virtual phone number for your landing page may be a local landline number with a country and city code for the given geographical location. This meaning that the consumers from the definite area may call this number from their landline phones as per the usual local telephone tariffs.  

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What role of toll free number in promotion?

Another option is a toll free 0-800 phone number, which is even more attractive for customers to call, while it is free for the subscribers. Having any type of inquiry or a small question to verify, your website visitors will dial easily this tollfree number shown at your special landing page with big digits. This type of number, however, may be used only within the country, while another type of the virtual numbers, such as landline and mobile numbers for calls may accept calls from all over the world.

How to handle with such VoIP service?

In order to cover the client request incoming calls, just hire an outsourced staff-type a call-center operators, take a virtual secretary or customer services representative at your online office, or answer the inquiries yourself. In case the two primary options are of too much cost, or the business is not so big yet, you need to know that all the incoming calls can be easily redirected to your own mobile phone.

Thus, you may answer your customers on your own in whatever time and place you are. This is a perfect option to get to know better your clients needs and get closer to the perspectives, which is a valuable experience for a new business owner.

Useful additional VoIP services for virtual number

If answering all the clients’ questions way is too much for you, as a quite busy person, an option of an automated dial-up menu is there. Voicemail may be easily set for your virtual number to help to guide a caller to the necessary type of service offered by your company or website.

In case you want to make sure your operators won’t be bothered for any silly question, you should input all the main data about your product on the advertising page with detailed and clear description. In case this makes no difference still, see to apply a blacklist option for your virtual DID phone number placed at landing page.

There is a long list of other valuable additional services available for the virtual phone numbers, which make it easier to cast away main difficulties and get the most use of your virtual number. Such services as click-to-call, callback , welcome message, call recording , etc. are extremely useful for the online store or any type of online businesses dealing with clients. To see the full list of additional services offered, press HERE.

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